Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Total heartthrob

Hey, are you The Gay? Do you enjoy The Musics? And The Laughters? Have you considered The Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts? And The Cyndi Lauper Cosplay? Then please click play and enjoy this interview of Tegan & Sara by Andy Samberg on what makes a heartthrob. Hint: Not a mullet. Though, Tegan & Sara, let’s be honest - there were mullets. Oh, yes, there were mullets.

Also their latest album “Heartthrob” comes out today. And if you thought Taylor Swift had the market cornered on breakup songs, think again.


Anonymous said...

Tegan and Sara can credit you with at least one sale of this new album. I would have never sampled them if you had not featured "Closer" the other week. I am more pop than indie so Heartthrob is a hit with me.

Anonymous said...

that was FUN!