Friday, January 18, 2013

My Weekend Crush

The celebrity who is good at Twitter is a rare bird indeed. Most range somewhere between pleasantly mundane to excruciatingly aggrandizing. And other times you have to unfollow immediately because, sweet merciful Zeus, the spelling. The grammar. No, uh-uh, no way. But there are the precious few who actually raise their public stock 140 characters at a time. And among those is the somewhat surprisingly delightful Anna Kendrick. Now I say somewhat surprisingly because, quite honestly, I’ve not given Anna Kendrick much thought in the past. Not that there’s anything wrong or repugnant about her. She’s just another very pretty slip of a girl and happens to be in those terrible “Twilight” movies. But after seeing her in the very fun “Pitch Perfect” and then started to see some of her very funny, very pointed tweets retweeted endlessly on Tumblr. Which is when I realized, fucking hell this girl is fucking funny. Like will you be my BFF funny. Fuck, yeah.

Not only is she funny, and a capable actress, but she totally gets the weirdo internet and its rabid fandoms. Plus she knows the important of feeding and caring for one’s fandoms, hence this picture. Along with Brittany Snow and Anna Camp, they are definitely the captains of their ship. The one thing you can’t buy in Hollywood – even with the best publicist – is a genuinely and effortlessly delightful personality. Your Jennifer Lawrences of the world can attest. So when you find another one, you just want to share your amazing discovery with everyone else. You’re welcome. Happy weekend, all.


Panty Buns said...

Wow, @AnnaKendrick IS amazing! She really had the POTUS doubled over laughing. Looking at her Twitter feed I can see why she would be your weekend crush! Looking at your Twitter feed, @DorothySnarker, I didn't see a Tweet from you to her telling her - I'm hoping you won't mind if I both follow and #FollowFriday both of you on Twitter where I am @Panty_Buns. Is it alright if I Tweet your Weekend Crush (with URL) to her?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god I had never fawned over a celebrity as hard as I do for Anna Kendrick. That beautiful tropical fish is just...beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Must not forget her and Brittany Snow's instagram comments. Brittany is notorious for making puns from Anna's photos. And from Anna's responses, it's obvious that she loves them just as much as the fandom dies over them every time they pop up.
But yes, I was super stoked to see you finally recognise the awesomeness that is Anna Kendrick. I seriously cannot get enough of that girl.

Anonymous said...


Dorothy, did you watch Tegan and Sara's Carpool Confessional they made as they worked on their soon to be released album? I'm not through all eight yet but found #2 hilarious. If you've time, you might enjoy.

Chris said...

I can't believe I recently described Anna Kendrick as being similar to that girl I hate that's in those vampire movies. (Then we remembered her from Up in the Air, which we loved, and gave her another chance.) Genuinely intelligent and funny female stars in the next generation have my hopes way up for our entertainment future.