Thursday, January 24, 2013

Combat ready

Now, I’m no fan of violence, war or fighting. But I am a fan of equal rights and opportunity. So I applaud the news that broke yesterday that the military was lifting its ban on women in combat. Because being equal means just that. The opportunity to do the same work, face the same challenges, make the same sacrifices and reap the same honors as everyone else. And I also applaud it because it makes conservative nitwits like Tucker Carlson angry at feminism. Which, you know, bonus.

But me being me and all, I must celebrate this historic step in women’s rights the only way I see fit. With hot ladies in uniform, of course. Women of the military, both fictional and real, we salute you.

Dana Delany, China Beach
Just thinking about the opening theme gives me shivers.

Heather Peace, Ultimate Force
Hot Cop meet Hot Soldier

Glenn Close, Serving in Silence
Just think, movies like this won’t ever have to be made again.

Rose Rollins, The L Word
Is it weird that when DADT was lifted, I thought, “Oh, good, now Tasha will get her full benefits.”

Jessica Biel, Stealth
I never saw this movie, but the costume department deserves some sort of award.

Jordana Brewster, Annapolis
I also never saw this movie, but ditto on the costume department.

Michelle Rodriguez, Avatar
Technically she was a solider for hire, but let’s not spilt hairs.

Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica
Soldiers in futuristic militaries on distant star systems totally count.

Demi Moore, G.I. Jane
Oh, like I wasn’t going to use the one-armed pushup.

A grateful universe thanks you for your service, ladies.


Kaycee Nightfire said...

wow, China Beach, I had forgotten that even existed. That was an awesome show. Nice post ...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Beals just tweeted a pic from the set of the Wigs Web series "Lauren" - filming as Major Jo Stone again. Perhaps there will be some good uniform shots of her as part of the press package!

Lauren said...

In "Lauren" plays the title character, and does an unbelievable job...both with the storyline and the uniform.

Lauren said...

For some reason her name disappeared from my previous comment: Troian Bellisario plays "Lauren".

Es* said...

shame on you for leaving out the Radiant Aeryn Sun - I'd have thought that Claudia Black as a kick ass futuristic soldier would "tick your boxes"

Anonymous said...

A grateful universe indeed

valentina said...

where is Samantha Carter? ;)