Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Hot

Do you know what second best way to ring in the New Year is? After laughter? With a hot lady. Or, in this case, hot ladies. Wait, did I say second best? Hm. I need to work on my priorities. Put that on my resolutions list for 2013. May I work on prioritizing hot ladies for the next 365 days. Preferabbly with the help of Sarah Shahi and friends.

Lucy Liu

Florence Welch

Keira Knightley

Piper Perabo

Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer

Anne Hathaway

Kat Dennings & Jessica Chastain

Yeah, I don't know what is happening in that last one either. But, you know, go with it.


Carmen SanDiego said...

No, really, what is going on with that last picture?
Anyway, we need more Kat Dennings in our lives. Or at least I do. I miss those "gay girl googles" recaps of 2Broke Girls...

Camila said...

I really miss Battlestar Galactica and kickass Katee...

TheWeyrd1 said...

okay...those pics are just hot!

Anonymous said...

Nearly choked on my tongue when I opened today's post! Never can have too many pics of Sarah Shahi, especially from that....angle. Although as another option you could always go with Stana Katic. The woman doesn't take a bad photo and looks SPECTACULAR in tight jeans. ;-)

Anonymous said...

All of it was horrible. I especially did not like seeing my battlestar women walking down the road like that. Your idea of sexy is quite off. I'm not a man

Angelique said...

Oh gosh, I love your pictures (and your writing), and they come in unexpectedly on my Reader at work, and I still browse them shamelessly in front of everybody.
Thank you!