Monday, January 28, 2013

Naked Lady Monday

Right, another Monday? No problem-o. Easy peasy. I got this covered. Or should I say uncovered. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Ladies, shall we? Yes, we shall. Let Kerry Washington be our gracious guide. It’s naked time.

Jennifer Aniston
Whenever I look at her being all sexy I think, what would Ross think?

Jennifer Lawrence
I just finished “Catching Fire” (I know, I know – late as usual) and, damn, if I’m not excited for this movie.

Lucy Liu
Elementary indeed, dear Watson.

Jessica Chastain
Fighting terrorism never looked so good.

Marion Cotillard
Contrarty to what Jodie Foster may think, I would totally watch a reality TV show where she makes out with Marion Cotillard.

Yeah, so she lip synched. She certainly didn’t lip sync that body.

Canadian National Senior Women’s Rugby Team
The team made a sexy calendar to raise funds for its Olympics bid. Well, if it’s for a good cause. Maybe I’ll take a second look.


Tabitha said...

I think Naked Lady Monday may now be my favorite day. Oh god, those shoulders. I'm all about supporting charitable causes ;)

Anonymous said...

What is it with these ladies and all these ugly tats. Yes I know it's a personal choice and lots of people like them.

Do what ever you like, Incan still think they are ugly as in plug ugly.