Monday, January 21, 2013

Succubus sizzles

Oh, America! How I envy your delicious anticipation at the coming sexytimes that is the third season premiere of “Lost Girl” tonight on Syfy. Having seen the premiere al I can say is buckle in and bring a bib. This show actually makes me squirm a little while I watch it. Not in a cringey sense – despite occasional truck-sized plot holes – but in an excitement sense as in what is this crazy-crazy sexy-sexy unpredictable joyride of a show going to do now squirming. All I know is I can’t wait to have you watch and squirm and squee and sigh at all the sexytimes. Especially the Doccubus sexytimes. Oh dear, I’ve said too much. And this season with not one, not two but three identified gay gal characters (Bo, Lauren and the new Valkyrie cop Tamsin), the sexytimes might never stop. So enjoy tonight, America. And come to AfterEllen Tuesday to read my new full-sized recaps this season. Don’t worry, there will still be Boobs O’Clock. So much Boobs O'Clock.

p.s. Does it make me a terrible person that when I heard Anna Silk was pregnant the first thing I thought was, “Damn, Boobs O’Clock is going to be INSANE.” And then, of course, I thought congratulations.
p.s. On a more serious note, I want to say that I am happy “Lost Girl” producers responded quickly to GLAAD’s claims of transphobia in the premiere. While I did not read the scene as such, I can understand why others might. Though, come on GLAAD, rap “Lost Girl” on the knuckles, yet you nominate every single Ryan Murphy production (“Glee,” “The New Normal,” “American Horror Story”) for your 2013 awards. Also, no nod for “Pretty Little Liars” either. Oy.


MJNuts said...

OMG, season 3 of Lost Girl has been SO GOOD! I mean, it's not like I can complain about the other two, but this one is rocking all the bones in my body!

Also, I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that I'm saying this, but damn do Bo and Tamsin have hot hot chemistry together! O.O Is it wrong that I now want a love triangle between Tamsin and Doccubus? :$

And on a more serious note, I'm glad Lost Girl had the grace of replying so thoughtfully to GLAAD's complaints, but I'm very disappointed in how they come forward to attack a might-be-misdeed of a show otherwise flawless in LGBT representation, while completely disregarding other more serious offenders (looking at you, Ryan Murphy!).

Allie said...

Um yes I want Tamsin and Bo to hook up as well. Which knowing this show will happen eventually anyway in some form or another :D

TheWeyrd1 said...

I suppose that "we," the gay community, have made it to the mainstream when the gay boys feel free to treat the gay girls with the same level of disdain that the straight boys treat the straight girls. When will male privilege be a thing of the past?

Camila said...

I would like this Tamsin better if she was less aggressive and more...bitchy, like her (damn hot) boss. Anyways, a pretty blonde on screen is always a pretty blonde on screen.

JW said...

Wait a sec, Tamsin is not straight? I know the official website says she's bi but so far in the show there's no there?

Anonymous said...

Is it bad when a show looks a million times hotter in in gifs and pic sets than it does on the TV? When am I going to get a show with lesbians that I can actually like? Cause this dreck ain't it. In fact, other than when Bo ain't playing doctor, this show sucks.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, you may not like the show. I've sat through some of the most wretched, stupid, ludicrous crap imaginable. And I have done it because it is the easiest bit of "activism" that I've ever engaged in.

Hell, my TV receiver (got an HD and a phone line and it reports back to..someone) can watch the damned show if I'm not. Because here is what you need to consider - No ratings. No shows.

Anyone thinking that TV is for any purpose other than to deliver advertisements is delusional. And to do that it is all about number numbers numbers. Without numbers, the show dies. Without numbers the message being sent that there is NO market for this at all in any way, and people will not try, and we go back to living on scraps and crumbs and risible damned subtext.

So maybe it isn't your bag. Fine. Do you think that the next one to come along might be? How do you suppose we all make sure that there IS a next one? You are aware that you are marginalized, right? You do realise that we don't get the same options as heterosexual people?

I will do my part (although I like the show and the women who make it) to try and send the message that we ARE here and that we aren't an irrelevant niche that can be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dorothy!
Thanks for your recaps - I don't feel like signing up for yet another account online (afterellen), so I hope you read this comment.

I've been wondering about something in your 3.02 recap. The paragraph that starts with "You know when..." is so full of garble (or is there some hidden meaning to "thirty" instead of "thirsty" and "30" written out??) -- did you do that to express your utter drooling self over that Doccubus scene? Or did your mental abilities temporarily take a leave of absence? ;-)