Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Better and better

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged. Which makes it all the more important to celebrate the milestones. The end of DADT. The first wins for same-sex marriage at ballot boxes statewide. The first out lesbian senator. The first out bisexual congresswoman. The first mention of gays in a presidential inaugural speech. Things have changed, and for the better. In our time. In front of our eyes. History. It’s pretty cool.

So it’s hard not to get gloaty, or the very least giddy, as more and more walls fall. This week it’s a professional basketball player in the NBA proudly celebrating his two gay moms. And the wife of an female Lt. Colonel being named the Fort Bragg “Military Spouse of the Year.”

In the first case, Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried did a video celebrating his two moms for the same-sex marriage advocacy group OneColorado. This is a sports star saying, “No one can ever tell me I can't have two mothers. Because I really do.” Yeah, giddy.

In the second, Ashley Broadway, the wife of Lt. Col. Heather Mack, was awarded the title “Military Spouse of the Year” for Fort Bragg by Military Spouse magazine. That wouldn’t have happened two years ago. Granted, it took getting named the best military spouse for the base for the official officer’s spouse club to grant her membership. But, undeniably, progress. So, gloaty.

See, it really does get better.

And now, with the president backing immigration rights for same-sex couples, our universal love might be able to cross borders as well. Fingers crossed on that. It’ll be a fight, like everything has been. But one well worth fighting. But first, to gird ourselves, let’s revel in the giddy gloatiness for a bit longer.


aph said...

Meanwhile in Poland

Camila Costa said...

So people decided we are people as well. It was about time. But every fight is worth as we fight for nothing but freedom to be who we are, without shame, without fear.

Jen Caltrider said...

Thank you for posting Kenneth Faried's story with his two moms. The response to this has been amazing. Yesterday, he tweeted this and it made my heart swell:
As I was leaving target a kid stop me & said "he saw the video of me & my moms I made w/ @One_Colorado & he has two moms too." WOW TOUCHED!"