Thursday, November 08, 2012

We do

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You know, I don’t mean to gloat – ah, who am I kidding. Let’s fucking gloat. After 32 straight ballot box losses – yes, thirty fucking two – in one night it all changed. People say change doesn’t happen overnight, and of course that’s true. But it was stunning to see all the hard work, long hours and unwavering dedication pay off finally. Marriage equality won in all four ballot measures across the country. Voters approved same-sex marriage in Maine, Maryland and Washington. And voters repudiated a ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota. That is a Joe Biden-style Big Fucking Deal. Sure, it’s not legal in every state yet. Sure, it’s not legal federally yet. Sure, it’s not something people should be voting on in the first place. But the march of progress will not be denied. It will happen. Let no bigots put our rights asunder. And you just know the weddings are going to be so damn fabulous. But the equality will be even better.

Mazel tov, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. It starts with four, it ends with love.


Tabitha said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words and each one of these pictures breaks, heals, and overflows my heart with love over and over again because you can see their whole lives and histories in one photo. So excited about all the love!

But the first Maine photo and second Minnesota photo just kill me - like they couldn't believe this was ever going to happen. I'm proud and thrilled that change is coming, and we get to watch it happen, help it unfurl.

kasadilla11 said...

What a difference from just 4 years ago, when we were rejoicing in our new president and gnashing our teeth in anger over Prop. 8! Maybe Schoolhouse Rocks was wrong: 3 has been replaced by 4 as the magic number!

Right now, I'm just so proud of our nation coming together in support of love and basic civil rights. It's not perfect for all in the LGBT community by a long shot, but nights like Tuesday prove that it's getting there. We're chipping away at the old status quo, and it feels good.

JadedRogue said...

Well, I live in Maine - Along the Canadian Border, where, gasp, same sex marriage is legal. A lot of minds were changed up here after the last defeat (2008) because a sledful of people came out of the closet! They weren't hiding anymore and hating your neighbor in a small place is pretty hard. I got more "I voted Yes" texts in one day than I get texts in a month, same goes for my Facebook messages. Less people voted "by the bible" and more "with their heart". Now we have to field the "when you getting hitched" question. After 10 years I say elope! :)

Anonymous said...


But darling, this still leaves you in a bit of a bind does it not? Unless Utah has finally seen fit to do away with the pesky red tape that was preventing you and your wives making it legal?


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful. And the photos - just gorgeous. Here in Australia we are cheering with you all, and hoping our own government is paying attention!

Anonymous said...

Woo Washington! I got to vote yes :)

Amanda Morrell said...

I shut that Todd Akin down, legitimately. Felt good. Go Claire!

And go gays!


Anonymous said...


Have the US LGBT 'community' just been bought? Have they just selfishly (not to mention insanely!) put issues like gay marriage above other (more important, more far reaching) Constitutional freedoms? Blinded by their 'successes' did they take their eye off the ball and ignore what was really going on? Do they not care that one of the biggest electoral frauds in their country's history may just have taken place???

"Ach, who cares! Loads more of us get to marry now, that's all that matters!"

Is it? Is it really? What of freedom? What of democracy? What of the foundations upon which your Republic is built? Do those things not matter so long as the powers that be toss you the odd bone?

Jesus, you guys need to get over your hangovers real quick and take a hard look at what may have just happened! Here, let Bev Harris (a personal hero of mine) give you the bad news. And yeah gay marriage and the rest of it aside, it is BAD news! If you cannot be confident that your candidate *really won*, that your propositions *really passed* and that your electoral system itself is *really sound* your country IS toast!!! Gay marriage or not.

No Bev isn't a Republican, she is an INDEPENDENT who wants "the public to restore its control over its own government". Here! Here!

What a fucking mess! What an audacious bitch slap to any and all democratic principles!

I'm shocked. (And believe me darlings, it takes a LOT to shock me!)


PS I fear Spaceman's (Toronto AM640) prediction that Obama is going to be assassinated and it be blamed on some loner pro-gun right wing conspiracy theorist patriot nutjob (PATSY!) may actually be on the cards! Fuck. (That happens and all hell is gonna break loose. Obviously.)

PPS God bless (and save!) America.

Anonymous said...

"It's not the voting that's democracy; it's the counting." -Tom Stoppard

Or the non-counting?

*Double sigh*

So this is how democracy dies*, with a damn party?!


PS *Yes, I know there is a very strong argument that we never had democracy in the first place.

PPS Yes I am well aware the US is a republic and not a democracy. But look you have just re-elected a president who has on more than one occasion openly expressed his disdain for your Constitution! So yeah, your republic's been on the critical list for a LONG time.

PPPS Yes, yes, I am also aware you never really gained your independence from the City of London in the first place... But hey, it's Friday - how far down the rabbit hole do you wanna go?! ;)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Congratulations to all the newly-engaged couples. Here's to hoping marriage equality comes to all the states soon. One set of laws for straight people and another set for everybody else is a stupid rule.