Thursday, November 15, 2012

SGALGG: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Right. So I’m normally not the kind of gal to go for those girl-on-girl exploity kind of photoshoots that run in fashion and lad mags. But it has been a long week and there is no shame in just enjoying the visual smorgasbord that happens when Rihanna and Kate Moss mingle for the cameras for V magazine. Now, I like Rihanna a lot – despite her seeming forgiveness of the unforgiveable Chris Brown. And Kate Moss, well, she reminds me of the 90s and those were generally pretty good for me. So, yeah. Hey, I never said this place was exclusively highbrow. And you know you love the smut, kittens. You love it.


Beati3 said...

Yay the smut. I ran an L Word smut thread many years ago. Should be more smut in our lives, Ms Dottie!
:D X

Anonymous said...

Ick. No. Sorry. It is exploitation no matter whose eyes are looking. Everyone looks better fully dressed. Everyone.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Meanwhile, 'Person of Interest' featured a married lesbian couple last night. (See here: I tells ya, this show has the best multidimensional female characters.