Friday, November 09, 2012

My Weekend Crush

Kittens, sweet sweet kittens. You’ve indulged my politicking while I pontificated on that whole hopey changey lady power yay gay stuff. So now, after a sufficient period of shameless revelry, I feel you deserve a treat. Something sweet and savory. Something hot and tasty. Something like a swimsuit model. Yeah, I told you it was a treat. Now, I’m not normally the type to go for swimsuit models. Nothing against them, bless them and their sun-kissed bodies. But it’s just that all we normally learn about their personalities could fit on the back of a G-string. But Chrissy Teigen, well, she’s different. She’s got so much personality, you almost forget she’s a swimsuit model. Well, almost.

Many people probably know her as John Legend’s fiancé, which she is. Or they could know her from her multiple appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which she did. But me, me I know her from The Tweeter Machines. I started following Chrissy on Twitter after seeing some of her very funny posts retweeted in my feed. And I thought, who is this lady? Well, it turns out she’s a lot of things. She’s hot, duh. But she’s also funny, smart, progressive, candid and unwilling to suffer fools who think just because she’s a model she should shut up and be pretty. She won’t be cowed and remains delightfully unfiltered. Also, she’s a foodie, who has her own food blog and went to cooking school. And loves to drunk tweet. Yeah, I know. No wonder John snapped her up. In fact, she’s the kind of woman who makes me respect the person she is with even more because they had the good taste to be with her. But don’t take my word for it. Take hers.

All that and she isn’t half bad to look at. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

vegan hates: meat. vegan loves: "saying they're vegan."



Anonymous said...

oh DS, thank you once again for introducing me to awesome lady folk! cuz damn, she's rad:)

i love the politic-inspired-gay rah rah as well

Ellie Heller said...

Lost it over the dentist/obgyn line. Too funny.

tlsintx said...

yeah, I'd say John's the lucky one...ahem.

Anonymous said...

My monday to friday crush is Marlene (Melanie Kogler) from Verbotene Liebe/Forbidden love.

Youtube video: