Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Truth is a thing

OK, OK, one very last gloat. Because a week ago we did something awesome. Which then prompted Rachel Maddow to something awesome. Yeah, the truth hurts – and is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Admit it Snarks darling; you are aroused by my fury, aren’t you?! ;)

*** ‘Climate change is real’ ***

Perhaps (although it is far from proven!), but saying mankind is responsible is UNSCIENTFIC BUNK! (I ought to know darling, as unlike your precious Maddow I am in possession of a scientific training.) And saying we should somehow try to reverse it is a politically motivated folly promulgated by a bunch of despicable population reduction eugenicists! (*Cough* The Club of Rome *Cough*)





etc. etc. etc.

*** ‘Benghazi really was an attack on us; it was not a scandal by us’ ***

I am afraid I cannot be so sure...
‘Petraeus mistress reveals real motive behind Benghazi attack’ (Hee! Hee! And oh boy, just take a look at those arms!):






*** ‘Nobody is taking away anyone's guns’ ***

Oh really?


Second presidential debate: Assault weapons ban


*** ‘FEMA is not building concentration camps’ ***

Probably not, as apparently most of them are ALREADY built!




etc. etc. etc.

Good God I absolutely LOATHE that bloody champagne cocktail socialist. The woman wouldn’t know Truth if it came and bit her on the damn arse!

Still love you though darling! ;)


Anonymous said...

PS That Maddow snippet? A damn OMNISHAMBLES if ever there was one! ;)


Yes you Beeb bastards play to your strengths (such as they are) - keep coining lovely new words like that! Just so long as you leave the investigation and reporting of *very real* and potentially *very damaging* (to the political elite) paedohphile scandals to the big boys and girls!

Anonymous said...

Say it, Rachel!

htmlCan't really follow that URL laden comment so am just going to write it off as more Conservative denial -

Linda Keller said...

I get chills listening this Maddow clip, heck, who am I kidding I pretty much always get chills listening to Maddow. Thank Heavens MSNBC found a way to make politics lesbosexy.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Ah, Dr Maddow... Ah, if she was single...

Your friend, Rusty said...

Everyone of the "shellshocked" should be made to watch that on a loop until they get it.

Terrifying how many of our fellow citizens believe all the conspiracy crap. The day after the election one of my co-workers found out I was thrilled by the results and sputtered, "but but didn't you see 2016: Obama's America?" She was serious and very very sad

Anonymous said...

Rachel is right that the ideas are supposed to come from discourse within our congressional bodies. They are supposed to provide the President with options to veto or approve. Unfortunately, Congress can't find their anus with a map and flashlight. So the Repubs cry that the President hasn't come up with any solutions, ignoring the fact that Congress is charged with that responsibility. Deadlock gets us nothing. Too bad they all never learned to play well with others because their inability to compromise will hurt us all.

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Lisa S said...

Wow, Anon #1! Where did you get your talking points?

Tabitha said...

I just got an image of them being covered in shellac. This is Rachel in top form. This is exactly what I wanted to hear today :)

egghead said...

When she first said it, the list of stuff, I thought I would cry, because she was summing up months and months of Republican stupidity I could not endure even back in real time. Rachel, that night brought me out of my apathy, cynicism and hopelessness for humanity if half of it is that clueless, yet evil.

Anyway, I'm glad you posted this clip because I hadn't had the time to look it up. Thanks Snarker-babe. <3

P.s. what's with this sex scandal I'm not interested in? blah!

obat jantung koroner said...

stop war OBAMA!!,,,

kilik said...

Rachel Meadow for President!!...
Err...I mean...very well said!..

lets cut the crap and Move on!..

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of Right Wingers spreading misinformation. They just can't help themselves. I'm responding to end the misinformation for people reading this who aren't as politically informed. Really there is no getting through to right wing authoritarians who lack the ability to reason at this point. I'm typing this to protect the innocent.

1. Global warming: LOL @ unscientific bunk. Anon claims to have "scientific training". I'm sure he or she got that at a creationist "university" or bible classes.

98% of the globe's scientists, including NASA agree that climate change is real and man-made. Scientists can pin point the increase in carbon in the earth's atmosphere to the industrial revolution thanks to scientific methods such as carbon dating.

The 2% of the scientists who refute global warming is man-made are paid off by oil companies. How do I know that? a. Because they receive funding to conduct research from the oil companies and b. they never submit their data for a scientific method known as "peer review".

Scientists submit their research methods and data to the scientific community for scrutiny in journals.

If fellow scientists can re-create their findings using their methods many times, those findings are are taken seriously by the scientific community at large.

But again those scientists being paid off by oil companies never submit their findings for scrutiny or peer review, because they know they will be debunked.

Anonymous said...

2. Benghazi Attack: If you can't be sure it’s not a scandal it’s because you choose to believe a Russian propaganda outlet and Fox News a GOP corporate propaganda outlet.
The Libyan embassy was attacked as were several other embassy's in the Middle East. The intelligence community was still investigating whether the attack in Libya was a separate pre-planned event or part of larger protest over a ridiculous movie. The White House, Susan Rice and intelligence community all said they were investigating. It was the GOP media and GOP politicians who demanded answers before the investigation had even started. It didn't matter what was said, the GOP were fake outrage mode. It was an attempt to politicize a security failure at an embassy before the November election. Never once during this fake scandal has the GOP acknowledged they de-funded $300 million from security at US embassies world-wide. It’s typical the GOP create a problem they complain about later.

Anonymous said...

3. Ambassador Stevens: You got a You Tube video of a bizarre conspiracy theory as proof? Why would Obama assassinate his own ambassador? Oh right a false flag. False flags are used to start wars or military actions. There is no war or planned retaliation against Libya from the Obama Administration. There has been plenty of time for the Obama Administration to pound the war drums. He hasn't done so.

Anonymous said...

4. Gun control: Right wingers always confuse gun control with taking away guns. They easily fall prey to the NRA's misinformation campaign. Gun control simply puts regulations in place for those who can own guns (not children, crazy people or criminals), request that safety measures be used such as child safety locks and gun safety classes. There is nothing illegal or unconstitutional about doing so. The 2nd amendment makes it clear that we should have a "well-regulated-militia". Gun control is regulation and creates a well-regulated militia.

Anonymous said...

5. FEMA Camps: Consider the source, You Tube. Anyone can put something up You Tube it doesn't make it true. No legitimate news organization in the States or overseas has reported that FEMA camps are real. It has been debunked. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/news/4312850

Ironically the FEMA camp conspiracy theory was started by lefties during the Bush years. The Right Wing adopted it when Obama took over. It wasn't true during the Bush years and its not true now.

I sincerely hope the right winger who took time to spread misinformation continues to believe in lies. I don't want the right wing to change. I want them to marginalize themselves to the point of irrelevancy. I just don't want innocent people being sucked into their lunacy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I left off part of part 4.

4b. Gun Control: The assault weapons ban was in place from 1994-2004 when Bush and the GOP Congress let the ban lapse. The assault weapons ban was passed by the GOP controlled Congress in 1994 ironically.

The assault weapons ban does not ban guns, just the semi-automatic weapons that are not needed for personal safety or hunting. These weapons are used in war zones. As a result of letting the assault weapons ban lapse the USA has seen a massive increase in mass public shootings ala Columbine. Since the lapse the US has had to deal with on average 20 mass shootings a year. No other nation, except those in war zones experience, such a level of violence. Lastly, the Democratic party, nor the Obama Administration has proposed any ban on guns. In fact the only gun related law passed by Obama and the Democrats in Congress was to allow guns to be used at our national parks.