Thursday, November 29, 2012

My pretties

Who says I need a fucking theme? After staying up way, way, crazy way too late writing this week’s Rizzoli & Isles Subtext Recap (check it out later today on AfterEllen, won’t you please), I just felt like posting pretty things. And I am in the process of some technological transition (more on that soon). So today all I could muster was this thought, if there must be a theme. Ladies, pretty. Pictures, good. It’s the best I can do. Please accept them with my sincerest apologies. But then, who needs complex thought with all this pretty?

Halle Berry
I have no idea what is happening in her personal life, but damn if that woman can’t fill out a T-shirt.

Vivienne Westwood & Christina Hendricks
Just a couple ginger gals hanging out and stuff.

Lucy Liu
Sure, I like her on “Elementary.” But, gosh, if I don’t miss the cop outfit from “Southland.”

Lena Headey
Because I can. Because it makes me feel good. That’s why.


Anonymous said...

Please stop

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment but all I can say is don't stop!

Anonymous said...

"Please stop"

Lucy Liu, is that you? (I say, that rhymed! :) )

Course it's you! You're here to 'arrest' darling Snarks aren't you?! (How exciting! ;) )

Darling, if I may: Drop the "please". Neither the law nor your quarry requires that you say it. Just shove that kinky little blogger face first against the side of your squad car and give her a right good frisking. Make that two friskings!

Oh and keep your glasses on.


Jamie said...

Thank you, Snarker, you made my day!

Anonymous said...

Yes to all

Lana said...

Lena, Halle, Christina... hot damn, these women are smokin'. I wouldn't mind getting pulled over by Lucy in that uniform, either. *ahem*

Big Shamu said...

Damn Lucy......just.....DAMN!