Monday, November 19, 2012

Chick flick power

I wants it. I needs it. Gives it to me now. Now. Now. Sorry, sometimes I get a little impatient when presented with things I want. Things like two movies featuring three of my favorite actresses. Also one of my favorite actors. But, as is almost always the case with me, it’s all about the ladies. Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy AND Tina Fey? Yeah, we’re gonna need a bigger popcorn boat.

First, Sandra and Melissa in “The Heat.”

This is your friendly neighborhood odd-couple female buddy cop movie. Which in and of itself is awesome. Not because of the formula, necessarily – which is well tread. But that it’s two women instead of the standard two men. Thank you, “Bridesmaids.” And then there’s the matter of the two very, very funny women who make even middling material (I’m talking to you “Miss Congeniality” and “Mike & Molly” somewhat enjoyable).

Then there’s Tina and Paul Rudd in “Admission.”

Now, it too seems to follow a formula, though this time the rom-com one. But it has enough of an interesting twist – possible long-lost son given up for adoption – to make it more than your by the numbers meet cute, overcome obstacle, fall in love flick. Plus, it’s pretty hard to any human to resist the combo of Tina and Paul together. Damn near impossible, actually.

Is it next spring yet?


Anonymous said...

Every day should start with that much laughter!! Thanks Ms Snarker and I can't wait for these two films. LOVE Sandra Bullock!!

ginajoy said...

Lily Tomlin! You forgot to mention Lily Tomlin!

maya said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't even know about the Sandra Bullock movie...and I'm irritated that we have to wait 4 months for the Fey/Rudd movie. 4 Months! They say that you you should patronize movies on opening weekends if you want the money people to take notice. Perhaps you could promote an outing? Not, like, y'know, in the same theater or anything... Use your power for good. : )

Rinoplasti said...

Thank you for this advance apps. I used to invite friend by clicking it one by one.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a female-fronted comedy that has nothing to do with WEDDINGS!

I loved Bridesmaids, and I haven't seen Bachelorette yet, but I think I'm going to love it too. But my major issue with both is WHY OH WHY do comedies about women still need to be about weddings!?

So needless to say, I'm really excited to see this Bullock/McCarthy film. Love them both!!!