Tuesday, November 06, 2012


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I want a President who will answer the 10-year-old daughter of two gay dads with a letter like this. And, luckily, we have one. Thank you, Barack Obama. Four more years. Forward. Vote.


Kristan Hoffman said...

Yes! Saw this yesterday and it squeezed my heart in so many ways. :)

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts as Snarks and millions like her head determinedly for the polls still clinging to notions of “hope” and “change”. (What the hell was that all about anyway darlings? Seems to me you gave the guy a big ole BLANK CHEQUE, which he duly cashed!)

Really, what we are witnessing today, and all those others days around the planet when we are told (like dutiful CHILDREN) that we MUST vote, is a nothing more than a grand piece of emotionally charged theatre. A piece of theatre designed to give the us the ILLUSION of democracy. The ILLUSION that we have some say in what happens during the next four years. The reality is we have little to no say darlings. For instance, just ask yourselves how many times politians break their campaign promises? How many times they bring in sweeping unconstitutional changes without recourse to the PEOPLE? (*Cough* NDAA *Cough*)

Then there is the inescapable FACT that the Obamas and Romneys of this world all work for the same little international criminal cabal that includes amongst its ranks powerful bankers (*cough* Rockefeller *cough*). Don’t believe me? Fine. Check my facts and you will find that I am telling you the Truth.

Darlings what is required at this point is a (PEACEFUL!) system re-boot. And this is NOT going to be achieved by marching out every 4 years like programmed robots to vote for puppets!

Anyway, if like me you found the campaign this time around to be somewhat limp, rather boring and missing the oomph, beautifully tones calves (who knew puppets could have such beautifully tones calves?!) and joi de vivre of the last one? Well, you’re in luck: Last night I stumbled upon the perfect tonic!


“Invigorating showers”? Yes they were indeed invigorating Judith, as were a few other things I could mention! ;)

PD (vice presidential candidate representing the Gun Totin’ Gay Unicons for Truth party)

Anonymous said...

PS They don't always manage to pull off the weather with such panache at BBC Scotland. Here is one of their more memorable cock-ups!


:D :D :D :D

Your friend, Rusty said...

Dear Anonymous,

You said, "Don’t believe me? Fine. Check my facts and you will find that I am telling you the Truth."

You posted 0 facts.

Your friend, Rusty
Go Obama Go

Carmen SanDiego said...

Let's hope we break the losing streak on ballot measures today. Go Maine, Washington, etc

Anonymous said...

Heya Dorothy,

Just wanted to say thank you for your post I hadn't seen this and thought it was lovely. I didn't want you to think that people read and grumble but that your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Cherilla said...

Thank you, Dorothy. This made my heart grow 3 sizes today. <3

Anonymous said...

Gah, such pessimism today! I'd rather have a vote than none at all, and it's going straight to Obama in the hopes that one day I'll be able to marry the woman I love...Ms. Snarker;)

Anonymous said...

Romney believes he's allowed to have as many wives as he wants, but I can't have one? Where's the logic in that?

Erin O'Riordan said...

Sophie for president, 2042

Anonymous said...