Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tank Top Tuesday

You know how that Tuesday after a vacation can be even worse than the Monday after a vacation because Tuesday is the day it actually sets in that, “Dammit, I’m really going to have to be here all week.” So, naturally, I’ve turned to tank tops to soften the blow. Oh, tank tops. You never fail me.

Maria Bello
Maria Bello
I don’t love the promos for “Prime Suspect,” but I do love Maria. So, you know, sold.

Heather MorrisI am suddenly irrationally jealous of that volleyball net, and that pole. Possibly the sand.

Lynn ChenSure, we’re all still in love with Michelle. But of course we fell for Lynn, too. She taught us to fall, after all.

Gillian AndersonScully is working on her fitness. Your argument is invalid.

Rashida JonesIf I promise to keep posting pictures of Rashida in a tank top, will you promise to watch “Parks and Recreations?”

Katie McGrathYou can’t really see much of her tank top here. I’m surprisingly OK with that.

Annie LennoxThat amount of cool should be bottled and sold in stores.

Missy PeregrymI have long forgotten the plot of “Stick It,” but I will never forget those abs.

Joanne KellyHave you ever wondered what a young Agent Myka Bering would look like in a tank top by a campfire? Well, now you know.


no-one said...

I love Tank Top Tuesday.

dagensfisk said...

^ What no-one said.

Also: Scully! Omg!

Kristan said...

Love the pics of Sandra, Annie, Heather and Rashida. The last two are more typical Hollywood magazine portraits, but Sandra and Annie just seem so... approachable and genuine in theirs.

Anonymous said...

Maria Bello, Gillian Anderson, Annie Lennox, Joanne Kelly!! I'm so in love with this post!!

catvix said...

Can't think, Heather Morris looks too hot.

OK, before today I was in love with Myka the character now it extends to Joanne Kelly. Thank you Dorothy

Emily said...

Mmmmmmm Katie McGrath.

WolfsGotYourTongue said...

love that you started this off with ms. bullock! :)

Anonymous said...

Note to self - find out who the hell Katie McGrath is . . . . . . .

And my 80's crush on Annie Lennox just reared up again. And now I feel old & yet she doesn't age?

Thank-you DS, fab as always.

Amanda said...

There was a plot to Stick It?

Amanda said...

There was a plot to Stick It?

Shazzer said...

Delighted to know that Heather Morris and I actually have something in common: boy's briefs. Sadly, I don't nearly that good in mine.