Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It gets Glee

I know it’s only the second episode, but man is “Glee” better or what? Look, I’ve always loved “Glee.” For all its flaws, and there were many, it still made me grin and glow and generally feel giddy with its best of intentions every week. Also its jazz hands, I’m a sucker for jazz hands. But there have been problems. Continuity. Characterization. Crazy-ass storylines. And then they went and got themselves a real roomful of writers and promised to do better. And, if last night’s episode is any indication, they have. It got better.

First, we’ve got continuity. Quinn’s pregnancy – yeah, it happened and there was a real baby and real repercussions and real feelings. Who thought that storyline was every coming back after last season? Shelby returns. Puck is more than a haircut. The music serves the story. It’s so, well, refreshing.

And then there’s Brittany. Sure, she’s always funny. But making her just an empty-headed dumb-dumb wasn’t. Now she’s still Brittany, but with all that heart and the undeniable wisdom that brings. She’s adorably clueless, but not stupid. That’s important. It’s so, well, refreshing.

Finally, the characters are actually driving the story. Not the special guest stars (though Idina Menzel was indeed very special), or the musical numbers extravaganzas (though they were extravagant, they made sense) or the After School Special Messages (though I would have killed to have a unicorn-themed after school special growing up). It was the characters that made this episode so good. Kurt’s desire to be seen as more than The Gay. Puck’s desire to be more than a deadbeat dad. Finn’s desire to be a better dancer, and ambivalence about leaving Lima. Rachel’s desire to be, you know, Rachel. And best of all, none of this is seems to be happening in a vacuum like before, never to be mentioned again. It’s so, well – you know. REFRESHING.

Now I know the Achele/Faberry fans may not necessarily agree, but making Quinn the villain this season is pretty fucking brilliant. Because that means she is the one with the big redemption storyline this season as well. Also, Dianna Agron is delicious when she is bad – even without the pink hair.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget Brittana. Sure, it’s moving slowly. But it’s moving. And it feels natural. The sweetness, the respect. OK, fine, I too screamed “NOW KISS!” at my screen. But I’ll take more of this any day over the whiplash characterizations we sometimes saw last season. And Kurt Locker is a very worthy addition to the Brittana Locker Chronicles.

You’re damn right she’s the unicorn, or bi-corn. Welcome back, “Glee.” I’m starting to believe in your magic again. Oh, and Brittany S. Pierce for President, y’all.


catvix said...

I literally could not have put it better myself.

They're actually doing West Side Story, and it's not Rachel's mad cap idea for a week, what?
Kurt is still running for class president?
The Klaine Tony tension looks like it's going to last more than a week? (OK, why is Kurt looking upset at the end when Blaine gets offered Tony? He knows he can't get it, why mope that his boyfriend does?)
They've actually remembered Britt and San love each other?

These are *not* things I expect from Glee, but I am so very very glad we're getting them. Wow, they even mentioned the Cabaret fiasco last episode. Not to mention Will pointing out Mercedes and Quinn living together. Wow wow wow.

OK, this is officially longer than I thought it was... must write a blog of my own.

Debi said...

I'm holding out for Blaine and Kurt to be Tony and Maria, personally.

Solo said...

waaaaay too little of Naya weekly drug :(((
if going back to basics means back to too much Chris and Lea Im let down...
I do like more of Heather tho...

vrgriffith said...

I dare say that this improvement most certainly can be attributed to Marti Noxon being added to producing/writing staff--Buffy,Firefly,Angel,I Am Number Four.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I'm starting to have hope for this show again. Brittany for president, Santana for first lady!

Daña said...

Not only was the story outstanding Tuesday night on Glee, but the singing was among some of the best ever. I thought the performances were all exceptional---from Lea Michele & Idina Menzel at the beginning to Cris Colfer in the middle to Darren Criss at the end, they were all wows, double and triple wows.

Norma Desmond said...

I have to say, for me, the best part is definitely the stripped down songs. Those production numbers were getting insanely out of hand.