Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photobomb the system

Grab your flak jacket. Throw on a helmet. It’s time to get photobombed. One of my favorite photos from this year’s Emmys wasn’t a SGALGG moment (because there were precious few to be found, and trust me I looked). No, it was an explosively awesome photobomb by my No. 1 Fake TV Wife Tina Fey. While one might say I am predisposed to think everything Tina does is explosively awesome (and one would be right), I think even under the casual, objective observer would be hard pressed to think differently. Tina photobombing Amy Poehler, Martha Plimpton and Mark Burnett at the Governor’s Ball ranks among my all-time favorite celebrity photobombs. But, of course, there are others. So in the spirit of silliness, please enjoy a few of my favorite celebrity photobombs. Beware celebrities: No matter how hard you pose, another celebrity might sneak in and drop a hilarity grenade.

Sasha Alexander by Edoardo PontiGetting photobombed by your husband? Awkward.

Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert by Renee O'ConnorGabrielle photobombing Xena? That has to be the start of a fan-fic somewhere.

Taylor Swift by Daniel CraigThis photobomb is shaken, not stirred.

Justin Timberlake & Olivia Wilde by Hugh LaurieHouse has about a million N’Sync jokes running through his head.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Angelina Jolie by Michael DouglasThis is less of a photobomb and more of a wishful thinking.

Perez Hilton & Amber Riley by Lea MicheleSee, Lea doesn’t always pose for photos the same way.

Sandra Oh & Thomas Haden Church by Paul GiamattiPaul did this because they made him drink Merlot.

Ang Lee & Uma Thurman by Jake GyllenhaalOne of the all-time classic photobombs. Drink responsibly, kids.

Tina Fey by her daughter, AliceWhat can I say, like mother, like daughter.

p.s. “Parks & Recreation” is back tonight on NBC, so watch it y’all or Ron Swanson will photobomb all your future formal portraits.


Kristan said...

Lol these are great! It's so nice to know that celebrities are normal people, who sometimes can't pass up a perfect photobomb opportunity, just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Nathan Fillion's numerous photobombs, myself.

Anonymous said...

I always LOL so hard whenever I see the Sasha Alexander/Edoardo Ponti pic. Love it...and your Blog!

Cake and Midgets said...

Haha, this is ace. The Jake Gyllenhaal one wins in my book.

Anonymous said...

photobombing always reminds me of Mr. Nathan Fillion, der bomber-king!

Bent said...

Harry Connick Jr was on Ellen this week, and he has been doing this since he was a kid (he provided photographic evidence of this), but he called it creeping. He is a very funny man. He and Ellen should take their act on the road.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's Taylor Swift... I think it's Amanda Righetti with her hair colored blonde-ish. Look it up

Norma Desmond said...

Amazing. Actually the best ever.

alice said...

love the photobombs!!

Wegan said...

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M x

LizC said...

How cute is Tina's daughter. How do you feel about being the fake step-mother of two?