Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everybody dance now

I like to dance, but only under certain circumstances. Most of those circumstances involve adult beverages. Many, many adult beverages. I’m not particularly good, but I hope my enthusiasm makes up for my utter lack of coordination or grace. But what I do like is to watch other people dance. It’s all of the sexy and none of the sweaty. Not that sweaty is necessarily bad. Hot. Sweaty. Sticky. Wait, where was I going with this? Right, dancing. As much as I love super sexy dancing (and, I do – see previous sweatiness tangent) I really love dorky dancing. You know, the spontaneous, out-of-context, exuberant kind that isn’t about being in da club (God, I hate the phrase “in da club”) or on a chorus line. It’s just about your body releasing. It’s about joy. Dancing, when done right, is an expression of joy. Our days can sometimes seem an endless series of mundane tasks and rote responsibilities. But, once in a while, we break free and let our limbs follow their own song.

Dorky dancers of the world, I salute you. Now, let’s get down with our bad selves.

Cast, Grey’s Anatomy

This makes me wish I watched this show more. And was friends with Cristina Yang.

Angela Chase, My So-Called Life

Angela’s “Blister in the Sun” dance is exactly how it feels to finally be over a breakup. Exactly.

Dana Fairbanks, The L Word

Dana Fairbanks will forever and always be the queen of dorky dancers. All hail the queen.

Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

But, you’ve got to admit, Liz Lemon is at the very least a princess of dorky dancing.

Angie Harmon, Rizzoli & Isles

There is no better job in Hollywood than behind-the-scenes backup dancer to Angie Harmon. None.

Kat Graham & Candice Accola, The Vampire Diaries

Truth be told, this sort of workout is my total nightmare. I’m the person always jumping left when everyone else is jumping right. But I’m not above observing a class. Ahem.

Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy

This isn’t dorky. Just hot. Smoking hot.

So, any favorite dorky dancing TV moments to share? Don’t be shy. Nobody’s watching.


lc said...

A most enjoyable post! May I add one more? It's yours, actually...

Maddow = adorkable.

Betty said...

Love the Grey's dance thing. Apparently Karev never danced.
But the My So-called life clip reminded me that my first ever girlcruch was on Angela's mom...

And lesbians like to dance:

Formucca said...

phoebe is the best!

Ruby said...

You are missing the quintessential bad TV dancing moment: Elaine on Seinfeld.

It is most definitely an historical moment in television!

Norma Desmond said...

As someone with perpetual happy feet, I really could not love this post more... And probably will be dancing all day because of it. As always, thank you, Ms. Snarker. :)

lifeisfabulous said...

Here, I think this fits in, it's this lady who just showed up on one of those reality TV talent contests in Britain and let it rip with the joyfullest, dorkiest dance ever:

Kirsten said...

wow, the lady, "hapiness" that lifeisfabulous posted is AWESOME. thanks for the link, it put a smile on my face.

nika said...

I just realized this post prompted my own morning dance party yesterday. Thanks, Ms. Snarker.

erinjaws said...

Shay Mitchell from PLL and Jenna U from Glee dancing-

Anna said...

We can't forget Emily Deschanel showing off her adorkable dance moves for Ellen!

Amy said...

Oh, your comment about Dana Fairbanks being the Queen of Dorky Dancing just made me laugh out loud!