Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wrapped around your finger

This is canon. This is not just a ship. This is pinky holding, head resting, sex is not dating maintext. Is it a tease? Of course. But everyone is very clearly in on the game. And, I’ll be completely honest, I love it. You see, I know Brittany and Santana will never be Rachel and Finn or Will and Emma. Nor would I really want them to because, come on, those couples are kind of boring. (Nothing against Lea Michele or Jayma Mays; they’re both delightful.) I’m just overjoyed at the subversive scrumptiousness of two popular cheerleaders secretly going at it like bunnies.

Of course, time will tell if all this teasing is just that, a tease. That Brittany and Santana have slept together is established. If we’ll ever see it, well, that’s entirely another.

Heather Morris (Brittany, or Ms. Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks if you’re nasty), had some less than encouraging thoughts on the subject when she spoke with The Advocate:

On the big tease:
I’m with you because I’m always anticipating getting a script that’s going to be about our love story line, but I don’t think I ever will. Brittany and Santana are just best friends, and you know how sometimes best friends tickle each others’ arms and hold pinkies?

On if we’ll ever see Brittana makeout:
I don’t think so. I asked Ryan about that and he said there was no way. He said that since we’re a prime-time television show, he didn’t want to do that.

On the Brittany-Santana relationship:
It’s like Brittany’s a lost puppy dog and Santana’s her owner, so she follows Santana around and does whatever she tells her to do because she doesn’t know how to do things for herself. Naya and I have talked about their relationship, and we do think Brittany’s just dumb and crazy about Santana, like, “I’m her best friend and I love her so much!”

No way? Really, Ryan Murphy? Really? It’s not like broadcast television never shows women making out. In fact, around November and May it seems almost every female character comes down with a severe case of the Sapphicitis. But, whatever. It’s your show. Grumble.

That disappointment aside, what interests me most is Heather’s take on the Brittana dynamic. It’s that puppy dog love where you just want to touch and hold and possibly shag with your best friend constantly. Because, honey, that’s not how all best friends act – just pretty much the gay ones.

So keep on holding those pinkies, Brittana. And keep on leaning on your other’s shoulders. We know it’s real. So there.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, cause gay men are fine on a show about musicals and singing but 2 hot cheerleaders? No, they are just there to tease the guys with their "we make out" schpeel. Cause putting them in an actual relationship would like, totally bring down the house or something. WTF?!

Still, I love Brittany. She's like my favorite character on the show. She's dumb but says the best oneliners ever. That "dolphins are just gay sharks" bit was priceless.

Lauwer said...

I loooove Brittana. They're cute. This post made my day!! Thank You Mrs. Snarker!!

Liz said...

Maybe it's okay or even good that there's not a huge "coming out" storyline for these two, because their relationship is natural to them and they don't feel like they have to explain or defend it to anyone. The straight characters on this and every other show don't get an entire episode to struggle with their identities and their relationships with others when they start pinky-holding and snuggling with someone. This could be an ideal situation in which it's okay for two cheerleaders to be more-than-friends without them (or anyone in glee or the cheer team) making a big deal.

Regardless, when this happened last night, my jaw dropped and I couldn't stop smiling!

Anonymous said...

I love Brittana. So very much.

While it's a little disheartening to know that there might not ever be any acknowledgment of what the status of their relationship actually is, I also don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

It seems that when lesbian couples are made official on television, something always goes wrong (examples: Alex/Marissa, The OC; Adrianna/Gia, 90210; etc.). Never fails. So I think by them not ever being official, it could be actually longer lasting than their official counterparts. We still get the pinkie holding/head to shoulder action without there being some huge fuss about what's going on with them, which I think is kind of nice.

Either way it's obvious that the characters as well as the actresses themselves have a deep affection for one another and I think it's absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw that happen on the show, I thought "ooo, Dorothy or Afterellen is going to comment on it!!" And I was soo right. That was so cute!! This was one of the best episodes so far.

frannie said...

Yeah what YOU said Dorothy!

tiff2 said...

I found a gif of the scene in my twitter feed. I thought I'd share :)

Ci said...

At first I was sad that we'll never see them develop their relationship on the show, but then I remembered Ryan Murphy was showrunner of Nip/Tuck, which was a show that continuesly offended me as a lesbian (and woman). So maybe it's for the best that they stay subtext.

That little moment yesterday melted my heart, though. Saved the episode.

Hannah said...

If it's true that Ryan Murphy is hesitant to show two women kissing on prime time tv, it's disappointing.

But I's love it if those little pinky-finger holding, head-resting-on-shoulder-moments was it. Cause it's just cute without all the crazy story lines. Cause there aren't any depictions of genuine, authentic teenage relationships on this show. So a joking, cute thing between Brittany and Santana is fun.

Lulu said...

i was just thinking about the whole Brittana thing while watching Glee. this post made my day. thank you for saying everything i was thinking! =]

Norma Desmond said...

I think I'm with the others in thinking that it going unacknowledged isn't necessarily a terrible thing. If they never talk about it, they can never break them up, right? And, in the meantime, we can sit and be overjoyed by the little touches and their cuteness.

Would it be nice to see two popular cheerleaders in a relationship on prime time? Yes, of course. But, at the same time, I guess I'd rather wait until it can have a full, proper treatment, and Glee really isn't the space for that anyway.

Katie said...

That little moment was so cute. They're just so genuinely happy to be together, and the song Kurt was singing just made it better. They are each others home.

I'm kinda worried about them though, especially if they're going to be promoted to series regulars next season. Hopefully them being "bigger" characters won't require them to be paired up with all the guys in the glee club :\

Though even if they do shack up with guys, as long as there's still subtext (which I'm sure there will be) I think I can handle it. I mean, I made it through Xena and look how many dudes she and Gabrielle hooked up with over the years.

Lindsey said...

I can't really understand why Ryan Murphy objects to showing two girls kissing on a prime-time television show when the show has held auditions for a boyfriend for Kurt to appear later in the series. Are we to assume that they will also not be shown kissing for fear of offending viewers?

Anonymous said...

Even if there's never any maintext on the show, Naya Rivera did say in an interview once that as far as she's concerned, Brittany and Santana are soul mates.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the offset Naya-Heather frolicking...

Anonymous said...

I'm still rooting for Lea Michele and Dianna Agron to finally come out and say they've been dating.

Taylurk said...

i think it's probably a lot cooler that it remains subtextual, a la fried green tomatoes. we gays will always know it's there, and it doesn't have to be spelled out or run the risk of being sensationalized. plus, i would be inclined to trust my own imagination to deliver the goods rather than any TV director or cinematographer.

Not to say a little sextastic song and dance between the two of them wouldn't be TOTALLY welcome.

Anonymous said...

brittany and santana are adorable, and I don't mind that their relationship isn't a prominent story line because they aren't major characters this season. neither of these two actresses really ping for me. now lea michele and dianna agron, on the other hand... the looks those two give each other scream homo sleepover.

a maid liar said...

I'm a bit late.
Taylurk said, we gays will always know it's there.
lol. This whole Britanna thing, I just remember that we'd been there.

Anonymous said...

"Because, honey, that’s not how all best friends act – just pretty much the gay ones."

-> Yeah, but Heather's judgement on what best friends do and don't do might have suffered a bit from watching Lea and Dianna on set. Just saying. ;) ;)

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