Friday, April 16, 2010

My Weekend Crush

I need more Pam Grier in my life. I know she is on “Smallville” right now, but I can only bring myself to watch one teenage show on the CW at a time and right now that honor goes to the one with the vampires. Though I’m thrilled Pam is still on TV somewhere. She is just too fun not to be. One of the (many) great disappointments of “The L Word” was that Mama Chaiken couldn’t find something better for Kit to do than the requisite “baby girl!” each episode. Sure, there were the Ivan Aycock and Sunset Boulevard relationships. But there was also the alcoholism, the manny, the self help philanderer, the homophobic son, the Papi experiment, the armed robbery, the near homicides, the armed Angelica – need I go on? And then all too often she was relegated to being sassy head shake or the comforting hug giver. But Pam is, of course, capable of so much more. In fact, anyone who can effortlessly pull a gun out of her afro deserves more. Her bad-ass bona fides come from a career of kicking ass and taking names in blaxploitation films. Still even with her minimal dialog on TLW, Pam projected warmth, humor, spunk and strength. I mean, it’s not everyone who can walk down a hallway like this. Work it, baby girl. Happy weekend, all.


;) babs said...

I loved her in "jackie brown"!
her talent was wasted in the L word (as so many other's).

Dana said...

Her memoir was set to be released on Apr. 28. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

She's in the movie Just Wright with Queen Latifah next month.

Anonymous said...

That was my absolute favorite Kit scene!

Pauline said...

Pam is great! The L Word could have been a much better show with more well-rounded characters and storylines.

Norma Desmond said...

YES. This is, quite possibly, the greatest weekend crush EVER. There are no words for how much I adore Ms. Grier. Too amazing for words with a presence that surmounted the misogynistic tendencies of blaxploitation. And beautiful to boot.

... Clearly, I'm in complete agreement with you on this one.

cee-cee said...

I really liked the "Kit" we saw in S1 and S2. Then that character and all its potential disappeared. (Maybe into the waterfall with Dana's ghost?)What a waste! What a disservice! All series long, I kept hoping that IC and her fellow (sic) writer elves would create a friend for Kit-- a strong Black woman like, say, Wanda Sykes.Now, wouldn't THAT have been fun? (No, probably they would have just wasted Sykes' time/talents as well.)

Anonymous said...

whatever take what you need, ds!

yesterday was kind of one of the days
that I felt very complex emotion.

you know that I'm not talking about
sexy, who's kiss who, so on..

I felt huge compassion about human being.
I mean it was something that kind of sad?
Like how can I explain this?

any way it was.
makes me thinking about how I want to live
what kind of person I want to be.

I mean I'm already who I am, but
how do you want to be old?

Anonymous said...

I think I do love art anyway.
I mean some people understand world through
their view like scientists, musician, etc.

and I do understand somehow the way to related
with art, whatever fine or commercial.

like put one leg into somehow art and another leg
on somewhere, in caring of safety.

there is not that much things make me exciting
like art. generally pure exciting from pure art form.

I mean I understand it as it is but it is exciting
cus there is someone's deep thought behind it.

like good novel or good music playing there
is something cool about it when I get it immediately. If I get something without
trying hard that means that's for me, I guess.

do you something very easy for you?
for example, tank top tuesday... :)

have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Loved her in Jackie Brown,best tarantino's movie by far
for me...
Agree with you about her character in TLW but loved "her baby sis" and her chemistry with Jennifer Beals,
they were like two sisters,really, Big & Baby,good acting Mrs B& G

Veo Visiones said...

Pam is just fucking great!!

Anonymous said...


Marta_Perenna said...

Dammmmmn, miss Dorothy Snarker - if you want to make a point about the PAM please consider not distracting from her greatness with the sizzling hot that is Helena-in-prison fantasy

Uh, where was I? Oh right, the PAM. She does OWN that hallway. Ilene Chaiken should be eating dog food for the rest of her life for wasting so much talent on her creepy porn show that was TLW.
Seriously, 90% of the script in TLW should be tossed into fire and never spoken of again. IC should just have given us the high quality porn and all the mighty powerhouse actresses would have improvised a much better dialogue by themselves. I mean, how can you waste PAM like that?

Making Space said...

Love her. Love. her. LOVE. HER.

Butterflied said...

"I've been in places, ok?" The fucking boss. No more to say.

tobi said...

as I'm sure you're already aware (since you're such a big fan) this just came out: