Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paging Piper

I like Piper Perabo. She is all sorts of cute. But I don’t love love her like, say, a Lena Headey. And I’m not entirely sure why. She is delightfully winsome. She is undeniably attractive. And she has played quite convincingly gay not once (“Lost & Delirious”), not twice (“Imagine Me & You”), but three times (though I never saw the direct-to-DVD “Perception,” so I really can’t vouch for the convincingness there). Which I guess means I owe her a hot plate.

But I am all sorts of excited for her new USA series “Covert Affairs.” Granted, not the best title. What, was “Secret Stuff” already taken? But I am always and forever a sucker for 1) Women who can kick ass. 2) Women in suits. 3) Women who can kick ass in suits. And this trailer delivered on all three counts.

OK, a couple other quick observations. First, does Piper simply not age? How is this possible? Second, Action Piper is new and I like her. She can stay. Third, honey, don’t button that button. No, really, don’t.

So, what do you think? Pair this up with Sarah Shahi’s new USA series “Facing Kate” and that is what I call a must-see double feature. This Piper might just be Pied after all.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah. Hoping this will fill the Alias void.

;) babs said...

could we pleeeaaase have a covert affairs/facing kate crossover?


watched the trailer and I think piper does age, but it makes her even more striking.

Spongly said...

Yup, first thing I thought was 'Alias'. Not that its a bad thing.

I just hope we get the program over here in the UK as I've had a soft spot for Piper ever since Lost and Delerious.

Norma Desmond said...

I don't think she's necessarily aged, but I do think her face has matured a bit, which, in my book, is a very, VERY good thing. I probably won't watch this, but appreciate that there are shows like this on TV.

Anonymous said...


i'm kind of confusing fbi...

by the way, the kissing wonmen remind me two
days before.
I was on way to home by walk.
it's about an hour because I like to walk sometimes.

and a very well dressed tiny but aged woman
caught my attention I don't know maybe something
unusual? the person looks good but in some senses
too dress well in general.

she wear like the actor you showed today.

anyway, beside her there is a person very weird
look. really, like..

so I looked at them AND!
she kissed her. really fast.

kind of eye opened moment.

how that easy guys...

nice day~ ds.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Hey look, Betty's ex is in the show too! I kinda liked his geekiness. It's kinda lesbianish in a way. But dang it, don't we have ENOUGH must see TV already...sigh...setting up reminder to set up DVR for new shows in July...sigh So many hot women on little time.

Lulu said...

aww i love Piper! i think Lost and Delirious was the first lesbian movie i saw after i came out. and i loved her in Imagine Me & You! i'm a new follower of your blog and i love it. =] just sayin'

Penny Cillin said...

I *love* Piper Perabo. So. Totally. Hot. Sigh.

WolfsGotYourTongue said...

off topic.. I think Julianne Moore is about to be part of the rule of three (if she isn't already)..

Anonymous said...

I was about to say "Alias is back!" but Anonymous 2:17 scooped me.

Anonymous said...

Women who are in their thirties are not pretty, they're BEAUTIFUL. :)

Rocket said...

She's hot... and something has to take over when Chuck get's canceled (just kidding)

Roundhouse kicks FTW!

Kristin said...

I love love love her. I'm a huge fan of hers. She is amazing. Never got the Lena Heady appeal. Tons and tons of lesbians love her. She is charming, and lovely, but she's no Piper.

Anonymous said...


You can use me as a parachute anytime!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was never much a Jennifer Garner fan, too mannish. But I tuned in anyway for the whole ass-kicking sexy sky angle, for a while.
But PIPER!! So much more potential. She is aging well. She's never looked hotter than here. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

prefer her vs Lena H
never seen anything in LH but perabo got some mysterious charm

Nicola said...

I love Piper she is super hot, i loved her in Lost and Delirious, and Imagine Me and You.

I never really thought Lena was hot though, but i just loved the movie so much.

I hope that New Zealand will get Piper's new show here sometime this century :)

From Nicola.