Friday, April 30, 2010

My Weekend Crush

If you went to movies in the mid-90s, you probably left a theater more than once thinking Julia Ormond was the most beautiful woman in the world. She has the kind of face that statues envy. There is something so classically British about her, that combination of strength and refinement. Also, I’m a sucker for that dark-hair, pale-skin combo (blame Wonder Woman those damn hot pants). For a moment in the 90s it seemed Julia would be our next great big screen heroine. She starred alongside the biggest boys in the business: Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Sean Connery. And then, like a puff of smoke, she was gone.

Of course she wasn’t really gone, she just stopped being the flavor of the month. But she never stopped being talented or gorgeous. In fact, over the years her beauty has deepened. And again, in true British fashion, she has let time ripen her instead of fought it needle and scalpel. Those lines are earned, they speak of past loves and lessons learned. Experience, my friends, is sexy. It means you know things, have seen things, are good at things. One of those things is flirting with Eve Best on “Nurse Jackie.” The scene from this week’s episode crackled with delicious sexual tension. See, she’s still got it. Happy weekend, all.


Norma Desmond said...

Wasn't familiar with her before Nurse Jackie. Very thankful to be introduced to her, though, that's for darn sure.

There really isn't anything sexier than a woman who ages well, is there? It becomes more of a ripening process than an aging process.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes, a thousand times yes. Julia Ormond and Eve Best have to be the hottest couple on TV at the moment. Plus my love for Eve Best knows no bounds.

Syd said...

I am DYING for those two to get it on. On screen, please.

Anonymous said...

She always seemed more French to me...too warm to be British. :) But I always thought she was hot!

Suzanne said...

Julia Ormond is great, and I'm loving her role in "Nurse Jackie" with the fabulously snarky Eve Best.

Ormond also did great, understated work in "Temple Grandin" recently that's worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but to me
british English sounds something luxury?
feels like something noble.

Some people said they're not fan of the sound,
and my fran said british young people like to talk
like american, some people think it's cool?

but when I watch movies, when a actor talks like
that it sounds just.. something? I don't know.

long time ago when I saw movie on theatre with
my fran, one of movie was Bedazzled? I just googled. cus I don't know english title.

and the actor, I love the male actor who was in george of jungle, He's always very funny.

but in this subject, elizabeth hurley, she was a devil? I think and british accent works something
nicely with, I mean because she talks the way,
she doesn't look bad? like I feel something balanced? Like if I talk in a certain way that known
as a bad, and my character is devil, it emphasis the double bad.

but she act bad character kind of pretty way, and
talking something noble way? so it balanced.

this was how I feel, just personally,
I don't believe every british accent people are
noble or nice, but just feels.

thanks for the post, have a great, great, great
day ds!

I can't wait monday comes..will miss you~

Trop said...

She's stunning in Temple Grandin.

gold-digger said...

The re-make of "Sabrina" starring Julia Ormond (with Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear) is one of my guilty pleasure movies...and yes, i admire her for, as you say,not fighting time with needle and scalpel.

mmorbo said...

OMG I didn't realize it was her!!

CK said...

Dark-hair, pale-skin combo?
Same here!

Kate Moennig, the Gilmore Girls & Joey Potter, Tina Fey, Kristen Stewart, Sharleen Spiteri...

That should totally be a weekly category on your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Young Julia Ormond circa First Knight was the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen.