Thursday, April 22, 2010

SGALGG: Sharing is Caring

You know what I love? I love that you guys know me so well. Like, for instance, this photo above. Several people alerted me to this most fantastic Tina Fey-Mariska Hargitay-Sheryl Crow sandwich this week. It warms my heart that you know me so well. Of course, that could also mean I’m predictable. But, if predictable means having women send me a picture of what appears to be Tina copping a feel on Mariska as Sheryl watches approvingly, then color me predictable. Also, extra special Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals-points to Tina and Sheryl for getting a jump on their Lesbian Twin Syndrome wardrobe.

Since you shared with me, it only seems fair that I share with you. So how about some more SGALGG goodness, with a little GGALGG gayness thrown in for good measure.

Dianna Agron & Anna PaquinIf you’re going to SGALGG cheat, picking an actual gay gal is a great way to maximize your jealously factor. Lea Michele must be fuming. Also, you know Anna sneaked a peek.

Frances McDormand & Tilda Swinton
If this was a movie it would be the best acted lesbian movie of all time. Think about it, Hollywood.*

Naomi Watts & Scarlett JohanssonThis one would be pretty well acted, too. Just don’t let anyone get sucked into a blue box that’s a portal to an alternate reality that has darkly lit rooms with rich red curtains and Laura Harring.

Emily Deschanel & friendsI think, as the kids today say, UNF.

Zoe Saldana & Sigourney WeaverIf Sigourney has a thing about breasts, she should explore those feelings with Zoe instead of lashing out at our gal Kathryn Bigelow.

Amy Adams & Zooey DeschanelAccording to Esquire, Zooey is the woman most women want to sleep with. I think Amy agrees.

Olivia Wilde & some lucky SOB
Olivia Wilde
That woman is so close she can probably smell Olivia’s perfume.
I hate her.

*UPDATE: OK, OK, here is the skinny on Tilda and Frances. The photos is indeed a candid. They’re talking (very closely) at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of “Burn After Reading.” You can see a progression of them together here.


kengsingian said...

awwww! dorothy, you really, really made me smile with this one. just love it! and're predictable =)

kengsingian said...

i am envious too with that woman beside olivia!

;) babs said...

thank you for the tilda/frances pic! *drool*

Norma Desmond said...

Geez-us... straight women are just... the GAYEST.

Anonymous said...


The Timeline Project said...

Dorothy, I love you. But, explanations please! The mystery might allow our brains to soar but, frankly, they are going to go to fantasy land anyway, you know us well too.

Now, what on earth is going on in that pic of Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton - photo shoot? Please tell us it was an un-staged serendipitous snapshot. Please.

And swoon with Dianna Agron's possessive eyes, resistance is futile.

UNF? *sigh* *raises glass in Cheers to age and predictability*

frannie said...

OMG! These are my FAVORITE posts! And I would not have been able to stop myself from biting Olivia Wilde! UGH!

Anonymous said...

i thought naomi&scarlett is same person.
interesting, they look exactly same to me.
science is just amazing that's why some people
go crazy about it.

I'm kidding, each of them looks good!

by the way,
I get that, it could be good, know well each other in general common well civilized sense,

but if you're in jungle,
if you're predictable,
you know, you may...

I think it depends on,
how people do or don't is based on
from their experiences.
I think people measure by it,
and I measure them by my experience, too.

sue said...

that first photo made my whole day...the look on mariska's face...awesome.

Anonymous said...

"Just don’t let anyone get sucked into a blue box that’s a portal to an alternate reality that has darkly lit rooms with rich red curtains and Laura Harring."

Um, why not?

Tru said...

I think that lucky SOB can do more than smell her perfume. I hate her to infinity

Bent said...

The SOB with Olivia has a blue star tattoo...a symbol from the past typically placed on the left wrist. Wonder if it has the same meaning for the SOB?

Anonymous said...

The Tilda Swinton/Frances McDormand pic is extraordinary and fascinating.

I don't know if it was staged as a portrait or if it was spontaneous (it almost looks like an Annie Leibovitz photo - except,they would have been naked)

These two women compliment each other beautifully.

I am of the undertanding that although Swinton is married and has children with a male partner, she also has a female partner with whom she travels.

I love complex women.

The Timeline Project said...


Mmmmm, naked...

Unfortunately I then clicked into your recent blogpost on manscaping O.O

Anonymous said...


yesterday i had a happy thing.
when I was a kid, one day i was playing alone at my room. It was white dust that when you mix with
water, it's getting hot because of chemical activity?
it's usually takes half hour? to get hard like soup.

so you can carve it easily? I did my homework,
it was homework to carve like relief brick?

after that I had a little tiny piece leftover.
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of course it doesn't look good, missed one leg,
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about ten years later, when I visited her,
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what it tells to me, of course my aunt loves me,
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just came up my mind. that's all.

Anonymous said...

did I tell you that?
I feel I did...weird.

dc said...

"Now, what on earth is going on in that pic of Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton"

I have exactly the same question. Movie? If not photo shoot, they look like they're just about to kiss!

I spy a drink in Tilda's left which case a candid party pic? In which case, holy moly!

btw, theliminalstate, Tilda had a male lover, unfortunately...

DS, PLEASE tell us what the score is in the Frances/Tilda pic.

Anonymous said...

@The Timeline Project...I hope your "unfortunately" applies to my somewhat icky topic and not my stupendously witty writing....
don't break a girl's heart now.

Carol said...

Yes. Francis and Tilda? Color me curious too. Do tell.

Hoot said...

Francis: "Just say it, Tilda. Please?"

Anonymous said...

Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton at event (5/9/2008) of Burn After Reading:

Laura said...

I love the SGALGG posts ^^ btw, Ms Snarker, did you know you are mentioned in Heather Morris Wikipedia article?

jenny said...

Why are Tina and Sheryl wearing the same dress??

@Bent....what exactly does the star tattoo on left wrist mean?

tlsintx said...

i am a Tilda convert, thanks to you, dear Ms. Snarker...

she's so amazonian....

kennedyismyhero said...

I could be entirely wrong about this, but I think the chick with Olivia Wilde in the last pic looks like Taryn Manning. Maybe that's just me...

@(1st)Anonymous -

Unf is...well, sound it out! Or rather, grunt/moan it out. It's usually used as exclamation of appreciation. ;)