Wednesday, April 21, 2010

World according to Emma

Every day could use a little more Emma Thompson, don’t you think? She has always been a favorite, what with her insistence on not futzing with her face and always eating desserts. And every since she make the deliberate decision to take her name off that awful petition, we are free to love her unabashedly again (not that the love ever went anywhere, it was just muted with deep disappointment). Still for whatever reason it’s easy to forget her continued brilliance and constant lovability – I blame her living all the way across the pond. But then she says something so brilliant and so lovable you just want to fly across the Atlantic to knock on her door and give her a big old hug. Well, you would if that damn unpronounceable volcano wasn’t still mucking up the works.

I mean, how else am I supposed to feel when she tells the Daily Mail that she is “a bit of a fundamentalist about all that size zero stuff” and that the only way to combat the ultra-thin mindset is to:
“Put on weight and say F*** off. Demand bigger sizes. Go into places where you can’t get a 38D bra and say, ‘I want a 38D bra and give me one. If you can’t, I am never coming here again.”

See, don’t you just want to hug her for like five solid minutes? Also, who else could look this radiant while walking a pig?

Emma Thompson

Well, consider this a virtual, cross-Atlantic hug. A few of my favorite moments on the incomparable Ms. Thompson.

Channeling Jane Austen at the Golden Globes in 1995

Channeling her inner Daytonian for Ellen in 1998

Channeling her inner exotic dancer on Ellen in 2006

Told you every day could use a little more Emma.


;) babs said...

I love emma thompson, she is so cool and so adorkable! and has the sexiest voice ever!

frannie said...

Thank you thank you! Emma Thompson is so wonderful! More Emma!

Anonymous said...

today seems going well,
thanks for the post,

the pig looks something royal by the way,
I think because of the pig's hair looks different,

you know piggy hair, generally straight
and stiff,

this piggy looks curled and soft feel hair.
I thought puddle or lamb something?

giggle, so why she went to place that
doesn't sell what she want?

so the point be happy is to find place that
sells what she wants.

have a great that! I like the picture she's smiling.


Where's a Nanny G clip???...LOL!

Hannah said...

How is it possible that I've never seen that Golden Globes clip? Thank you for bringing that into my life!

Norma Desmond said...

She's such a dork... I think that's what I love most about her. Anyway, this was EXACTLY what I needed to day, so thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Tks for Emma and that gourgious Jodie Foster´s nanosecond at the Golden Globe. Auch!

Karen said...

My favorite Emma appearance was on Bouillon de Culture, maybe in 1992 or '93. Imagine, Emma Thompson speaking French! Bernard Pivot asked her a question about her role in "Henry V" and she did not know the word (vierge=virgin). She finally understood and joked about not having needed that word in her vocabulary for a long time. I have looked for the clip online and have not been able to find it. Emma Thompson being witty in French; it was priceless.

brochesPOP said...

so cool!
the exotic dance was so fun!
here her contribution to a Spanish humor program:

Anonymous said...

im boring~
good night!

;) babs said...

the spanish sketch is hilarious!

perfectflaw75 said...

Thank you for adding the pole dancing vid. (As if I needed a reminder...)
It keeps cracking me up every time I watch it *sigh* :)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful human being inside & out. The story of how her son Tindy came into her life is just inspirational.
Great post (as usual) DS.

ravaj said...

my favourite moment from all of ellen ever - thanks for reminding me!