Monday, April 26, 2010

Seeing (RED)

I have had very involved, very sweaty dreams that did not result in as much wish fulfillment as this picture. Meryl Streep with Penelope Cruz , no check that – a topless Penelope Cruz. Oh, swoon. And they’re making beautiful picture together for a good cause, namely the international (RED) campaign to fight AIDS in Africa. But it doesn’t stop there. Penelope brought a bunch of her friends together (along with the incomparable Ms. Streep), to help her in her guest editing stint of the May 2010 issue of Vogue Paris. I want to go to there.

Vogue Paris May 2010

To be a fly on that wall. I realized, while studiously pouring over the photo, that all of the assembled actresses have played gay except, I believe, Gwyneth Paltrow (though she cross-dressed in “Shakespeare in Love,” for what that’s worth). So that knowledge makes the pairing even more delicious.

How are we supposed to process all the gorgeous in this picture?

(Kate Winslet & Penelope Cruz)

In this picture Gwyneth is working hard to make amends for not having played gay before.

(Gwyneth Paltrow & Penelope Cruz)

This picture is a perfect example of how a T-Shirt should be worn. Seriously, take notes.

(Naomi Watts)

I can’t wait to see her kiss Annette Bening, even if this picture makes Julianne looks like a lost waif in a wind tunnel.

(Julianne Moore)

And finally, this picture just makes me want to hug Penelope for bringing this much pretty together in one place. Also, for not wearing pants.

(Penelope Cruz)

If I must see red this Monday, this is truly the best possible way.


*** GayGirl *** said...

Umm, can I just say WOW!!!
For me it's the image of Kate Winslet & Penelope Cruz looking like a very beautiful couple that brings the biggest smile to my face. :o))

- GG

Natasha Condensada said...

* Gwyneth Paltrow playyed Margot Tenenbaums in Wes Anderon's "The Royal Tenenbaums".
Her character had a "2 seconds sequence" with a french woman while in Paris.

neus εїз said...

I love Penelope Cruz... ^^

Kisses for U!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes I'm going to Paris in May...must find a copy!!!!!!!

sugababe said...

Great cover, great photoshoot, I love it!
Now, can I have Kate Winslet please? Or Naomi Watts? Pretty please?

kranARI said...

ok now, is it just me or is there lesbian undertone in this shoot...

Norma Desmond said...

I loved Cruz before, but her putting together this group of women in THIS way... makes me love her even more. And that picture of her and Meryl, well, as I'm sure you can imagine, it sort of makes my life.

Liz said...

Naomi Watts makes my life.

TheWeyrd1 said...

MMMMM...Penelope.....MMMMM And all her nice girlfriends, too!

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere penelope means
royal wife. the general on the myth, went to
troy war, it took about 20 years to come back home,

but she waited until he came back.

I don't know where I read, but I feel somewhere.

I'm so happy you comeback, and sorry for
my temper, you know that it's not actually for you.

the pictures and links look so great!
it's almost night,
so good night, thanks!

tlsintx said...

smoky eyes...mmmm....

Dorothy. you so rock.

ikke said...

oh my, that first pic with meryl, yum! almost thought it was photoshopped at first tho, but that wasn't the case, yay!

Anonymous said...

Posts like this are why I read this blog!! *swoon*

Keeeerst said...

What did they do to Kate Winslet's face in the cover pic? I barely recognised her :/

Awesome photos in general, but way OTT on the photoshopping.

EccentricSimplicity said...

Where have I been that I have just now seen these pictures???
I cannot handle the amount of SQUEE that wants to erupt from me right now!!!
That first picture = <3 <3 <3