Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tank Top Tuesday

Sometimes, I don’t have a theme. Sometimes there are just women who look so fucking amazing wearing a tank top that I have to post them. It would be a crime not to. This is one of those sometimes. No deep thoughts, just deeply hot. You know, like our friend Yvonne Strahovski or, more accurately, StraHOTski. You’ve been warned.

Julianne MooreWith both “Chloe” and “The Kids Are All Right” coming out this year, it’s time we had her Honorary Lesbian Hot Plate bronzed.

Missy PeregrymI’m not sure if this is really a tank top. Close enough.

Lisa EdelsteinGod, imagine if the “House” writers had created Cuteen instead of Huddy or, yawn, Snoreteen Foreteen.

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Lady drummers are hot. Always, always hot.

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai
Hooray for Bollywood.

Malin AkermanI still haven’t seen “Watchmen.” Now I feel doubly bad about this.

Kelly HuI think being able to do this with your leg is illegal in 18 states.

Jena MaloneSomething for the younger folks, since I still vividly remember her playing the child-version of Jodie Foster in “Contact.” But she is 25 now so, you know, daaamn.

Zoe SaldanaTank? Check. Tats? Check. Piercings? Check. Gun? Check. Do you not even care what this movie is about as long as you can see Zoe in her tank with tats, piercings and a big-ass gun? Check.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dorothy for cheering me up, I'm currently stranded cos of the bloody volcano and this has improved my mood no end!

elliB said...

I literally spent perhaps a bit too much time online last night looking at Yvonne Strahovski videos on YouTube. It was quite a treat to see her atop your TTT this morning. I'm so impatient for the next new Chuck!

Norma Desmond said...

Wow, I know so few people on today's TTT. Makes me feel like a bad lesbian...

Anonymous said...

the top pic looks,
I got a headache. :)

I think it's like,
you know some people dislike when
an actor or comedian shows up too much,
every channel, and every show,

sometimes people lost patience because
there is less options what to see.

so one of my frans dad literally pick the tv up,
and throw it away. he was in temper I guess,

the point is that,
there is many things that we don't know
what it is.

I never do that even I'm so mad,
because generally it's heavy.


I apologize yesterdays complain,
I had an annoying day, lots of tension through
whole day.

I do like some african american actors,
and don't dislike real obama.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful selection as always. And don't bother with Watchmen - the only lesbians get an axe murder/hate crime 2-for-1 before the opening is even finished. :\

Lulu said...

before i even found your blog i was completely baffled as to why i found women in tank tops so hot. i am very glad that i'm not alone in this! definitely a post i look forward to =]

crazylikeafox11 said...

Huh, Zoe Saldana seems to have that gun resting on her neck... And it looks like it has quite a kick... Probably would not far so well anywhere other than a movie set.

sugababe said...

Missy Peregrym


too hot!
thankyou ;)

Anonymous said...

Aishwarya Rai! Hurray for Bollywood indeed! Thank you Ms. Snarker. Next time, maybe Priyanka Chopra? She is Hot! :)

Just had to de-lurk for this post and thank you for your Blog.