Thursday, March 05, 2009

A woman targeted

What I've seen of Jimmy Fallon's late night debut this week can best be described in one word: twitchy. He is twitchy and awkward and a little clammy. It's kind of like reliving that ill-advised date you went on your freshman year with that guy you knew would never, ever get to see your boobs. Now, granted, I've never been a big fan of Fallon solo. With Tina Fey at the Weekend Update anchor desk, sure. On his own making asinine movies, meh. So I wasn't expecting much from his new after-hours chatfest. But I certainly never expected thievery. Yes, thievery. And from my Fake Internet Girlfriend Sarah Haskins, no less.

Not cool, Jimmy Fallon. NOT COOL.

You see, Jimmy debuted a segment called “Target Demographics” on his show this week. And, well, it's kind of familiar. He talks about a target demographic he hopes to reach complete with a logo featuring a target. And Sarah just happens to have this crazy show called “Target Women” where she, talks about women as a target demographic complete with a logo featuring a target. Gosh, now that's what I call a regular coinkydink. (p.s. Who did Fallon's graphic? Dude, my grandma can Photoshop better than that.)

But the proof, as always, is in the pudding. Yummy, yummy chocolate pudding. And by pudding, of course, I mean the supposedly amusing diversionary segment. Behold:

Jimmy's “Target Demographic”

Sarah's “Target Women”

Well, clearly, there is no contest in this Targetgate. Sarah's is a funny, feminist take on an absurd marketing practice. Jimmy's is a silly, stereotypical bit that glorifies the clichés associated with a group of people.

But it's the similarities that make me go grrrr. Sure, they have different intents. And, definitely, one is funnier. Still, trust me, I am not the only one that has noticed. Heck, even Sarah has noticed. So, like any good new media type, she tweeted about it.

That's right, Jimmy Fallon. Nobody steals from my Fake Internet Girlfriend. This is war. Prepare the battle paint. It. Is. On!


Anonymous said...

Not relevant. But for Jennifer Beals fans everywhere...

Natazzz said...

Is it that hard to come up with something funny yourself?

I used to love Grace under fire.

Happy Ghost said...

wow. I was never a fan of his and could never quite pinpoint what it was about him that I didn't like... oh yeah, thats right: he isn't funny. And him ganking Sarah Haskin's thunder just proves it even more.

He's earned 50 fail points.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

To blatantly rip-off another like that is pretty lame.

TheWeyrd1 said...

NOTHING is safe in this post 911 INTERWEBS world, not even the brilliant ideas of fake internets girlfriends. But if her ideas can be stolen...Fallon beware of what can happen via the netwebs to you sir!

Anonymous said...

I watched last night for the first time, and completely agree. Twitchy. Awkward. And, a little dry. Sorry Jimmy, but you're no Conan.

Norma Desmond said...

Oh Jimmy... I already wasn't going to watch. Now, I won't even catch highlights online.

He's in serious trouble if it's only the second show, and he's already stealing material.

justbreath said...

You can't get away with that on International Women's Day sucker!

Anonymous said...

What's up with all the NYMag commenters being all "whatever, it's totally different"? Are they on crack?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Jimmy realized that tons of people catch Sarah Haskin's weekly...whether on the interweb or on the show. The fact that Tina Fey sat thru his skits without a funny comment should speak volumes. I hope she has fulfilled her 'favor' to him now. Thank goodness Sarah called him out. What an ass!

BTW, I don't know if you coined the phase "imaginary girlfriend", Ms. Snarker, but know, I use this daily now...and every loves it!

Penny Cillin said...

Jimmy Fallon is not funny, and this piece makes it glaringly obvious.

I found myself laughing out loud when I watched Sarah's segment, but could not even manage to crack a smile for Jimmy's.

Who keeps giving him work??

A Strange Boy said...

I'd rather be watching Conan reruns.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with beals?
she's a woman.

who's jim?

Anonymous said...

i have a question ds,

when i came this country,
what i felt, the coffee was
too strong, candy bar was too
sugary, snack was too salty.

now i don't feel like that.
it doesn't mean comfortable with
but somehow i eat them.
i guess there could be the reason
why the taste like that.

it's not good example but
my question is that lots of people
who come into here may have old
ideas, than you have, cus maybe
you, people try to figure out better lifestyle..for some reasons.

so my point is that is it possible
to make progress that you believe?
i mean not specific human right things, in general, so much different people come in.

so, do you feel they're pulling
you down?

Anonymous said...

hahaha Jimmy you're nothing without Tina! NOTHING! neener neener the womenz bite you

Bets said...

sarah haskins on twitter? hold on a sec....logging in....ok...done, thats a lady id like to follow:) after DS that is:)

Pyewacket said...

I want to like Jimmy and to think he is funny, I really do...he is a local boy and all.

But I knew when I saw him on Leno doing his routine...that I guess he had been taking on the road doing stand-up to get ready for the show...

and instead of bringing the funny...he was bringing the lame and long-winded...

I knew his late night show would be in trouble from the start.

On paper, Jimmy Fallon seems like a good pick for a late night tv show...but reality is oh-so different.

He seems to be very unprepared for the unscripted that happens with guests and on-air conversation.

So it is even worse now to see him (or his staff) stealing material from one of our favorites.

Oh Jimmy, you are already going down in matter how great your guests are.

Victoria said...

honestly... i don't really think they're the same (i also don't think either of them is particularly funny).

Akaisha said...

Ugh. I knew I disliked him, but now I dislike him even more. How dare you mess with Dorothy's Fake Internet Girlfriend?!

F you, Fallon.