Thursday, March 26, 2009

A tall glass of...

Rachel Maddow

It's official. No. 4,751 on my never-ending list of things I'd like to do before I leave this mortal coil: drink cocktails with Rachel Maddow. Rachel stopped by Jimmy Fallon's talk show Tuesday night. While I still can't say I've warmed to Fallon's twitchy energy (and, seriously, does he call everyone “pal?”), Rachel was her signature blend of equal parts utterly adorkable and James Bond – cute and cool. Plus, her declaration that “everyone can drink a manlier drink” was priceless. Here is a look at some of Rachel's finest on-air cocktail moments.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

“It tastes like hell, on it's own.”
[p.s. International fans see it here.]

On The Rachel Maddow Show

“Oh, thank you, I never get the pretty one.”

On Martha Stewart

“I always travel with the right equipment.”

On Grub Street

“Don't be a wuss about the shaking.”

Rachel, Rachel – you can pour me a nice, tall one anytime. Oh, and a cocktail would be nice, too.


Anonymous said...

Where is that first video hosted? I can't seem to view it in the UK

Leon Koh said...

thanks for your lovely post.. and the few clips.. nice for a read..


;)) babs said...

she's absolutely not my type, but she's cute as hell!
must be the smartness + the glasses.

;)) babs

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow-Getting America drunk, one talk show host at a time.

lefty said...

Don't forget

@innerbrat the first vid and this one should be hosted at

Wouldn't we all love to have Rachel Maddow personally bully us about what we drink? no, really? I would.

J9 said...

I swear, the more I watch Rachel in her natural setting, mixing drinks in the dorky glasses, the more I adore her!

TheWeyrd1 said...

I'm more of a wine and beer kind of gal, but I might just have to try out a few cocktails. As for Rachel herself, if she's really "butch" then I must be butch. I don't think so. From my over 40 point of view, she's a tweener, and a very cute tweener. Not my type though, but I aspire to be like her!

dc said...

Now where did u get that first pic, DS?

Your ability to ferret out the the photo par excellence is legendary in my book, and you've done it again.

Maddow - hot as hell!

I want to be her, but I'm not much of a geek, and certainly not half as smart :)

Anonymous said...

good idea.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

She's amazing... I actually met her in the airport recently and awkwardly asked her for a picture. She's adorable. I'm only 5'2", so she had to crouch down to take the pic with me! I didn't want to wash the hand she shook hahaha

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