Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sing me a song

Today, I feel like a little song. Words just fail me sometimes. And that's where music comes in. Nothing invigorates or inspires me more than live music, particularly when sung by amazing women. So today, how about a selection of live, unfiltered sounds? All these songs are lovely and thoughtful and have a sweet melancholy about them that is almost impossible to resist. Sure, some of these videos are shaky. And, granted, the quality isn't always the greatest. But it's that raw experience that makes it feel more personal. After all, life isn't perfect, but we just keep trying anyway.

Ingrid Michaelson, “Corner of Your Hear”

The Watson Twins, “Just Like Heaven”

Maria Taylor, “Clean Getaway”

Ani DiFranco, “Independence Day”

Vienna Teng, “City Hall”

ADD: Natasha Richardson, “Maybe This Time”

Beautiful, heartbreaking, a true talent that the world is now so much worse for having lost.

So, feel like sharing a song? Sing it sweet and low to me below.


Lisa said...

Nini Camps, "Slide"!

The Gentleman said...

Tori Amos live cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

actually anything she sings live is worth a mention...

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Check out Those Darlins "Whole Damn Thing" (about eating the entire chicken) at:
A little country punk can brighten any morning.

ellen said...

this acustic version of uh huh her's wait another day is really good. i love how gentle it is.

vikki said...

I'm a sucker for Brandi Carlile's cover of Folsom Prison Blues.

Anonymous said...

Alex Parks

I'm not in love

Anonymous said...

Alex Parks

from the inside

Claire said...

Anything and everything involving Katie Sketch:

Anonymous said...

You must to see:

O_O *_*

Gadget Geek said...

Vanessa Amorosi covering Helen Reddy's "I am Woman".

Anonymous said...

i can't believe the last person
has like that high voice.
she start talk very low voice.
anyway, sounds good to me.

ah, i like ingrid, but today,
she seems gloomy, of course
thoughtful..but what about
center instead of corner.

thank you ds, today's post
is fun. i like that.
have a good day!!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Ane Brun, Lullaby For Grownups.

angelina_knits said...

no song, just thanks! "city hall" brought back the unbelievable joy of June 17th at SF city hall for me watching the other folks with 'the gay' getting married, and my own wedding there on October 31st. Even if they make us do it again some day, and even though they're making everyone else wait, they can't take what we had, and the JOY away from us.

JDS said...

Here's one of my favorite songs, originally done by Peter Gabriel, sung by Sara Bareilles.

Another Sara cover of an Otis Redding original.

And lastly, my favorite Sara original.

Enjoy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Katie Herzig, Vienna Teng, and Brandi Carlile together

Anonymous said...

ds, im listening teng's song,
it reminds me a moment,
it was a hallway, just ordinary day, and i faced a person, so
as the usual talk, i
pretended to listen but what i
was doing, looking at the person's
eyelash. cus of light,
it shining like gold.

so? when i face like that light
always reminds me the moment.
her eyelash is so beautiful.

narcolepsy_slds said...

I love Maria Taylor's first two records, not so sure about the last one though, I reckon I have to give it more time...
Anna Ternheim has a wonderful voice:
And for the longest time (I bought their first CD when it came out way back then):
Sharleen Spiteri with(out) Texas:

Lauren said...

Check out some of the youtube clips of a girl named "Liliana Rose". Her version of "You Are My Sunshine" will break your heart and make you smile all at once.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Natasha Richardson.

Antony Hegarty: If it be your will.

mängelexemplar said...

song's like ten years old but still very touching

music, where words arent needed

dc said...

Yay! you've discovered Vienna Teng! I love her, have seen her live. But of course, being in SF, you've probably seen her loads of times :)

And here's one from Lily Allen who's cute, brash and on our side, here's Fuck You:

dc said...

my fav live duets by 2 of the most original voices in contemporary rock: women - I give you Bjork & PJ Harvey!

Anonymous said...

emiliana torrini - beggar's prayer

linda said...
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linda said...
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linda said...

can't stop listening to that song either...
it's even better sung live

emiliana torrini - beggar's banquet

Rachel said...

surely the most stunning song ever...

no? :)

Anonymous said...

Rachael Yamagata...

Over and Over


HB said...

Anw Brun covering "True Colors"! Check out her duet with Nina Kinert too, her own song: "My Lover Will Go"

Boo. said...

What's best than a little "Money Note" by the crazily genius Camille:

Or "Gospel with no Lord":
(with even a special mention to your President at the beginning lol)

I would looooove to see this one in concert. It must be pure bliss.

Anonymous said...

Brandi again, with Amy Ray


Mor-Ríoghain said...

Unfortunately, I'm lagging by a few days on this topic but I'd still like to share! As well, thank you Ms. Snarker and everyone who has made such fab contributions/suggestions!

I would like to add Kate Rusby to the list. Here's a link to one of her original songs:

Kate's a "Yorkshire lass" who also performs reinterpretations of traditional folk songs... quite a few of which only had lyrics left behind with no clue to the original melodies.

She has one of the most ethereal, haunting voices I've ever heard.

If you've not "met" her before, I hope you enjoy this introduction.