Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A couple of broads

Since when is the simple act of a married couple talking to each other a revolutionary act? When it's Ellen and Portia and it's played out on national television, that's when. Yesterday the big, highly-anticipated, awfully-charming interview between newly married couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi aired. Portia looked lovely, Ellen looked dapper. If you haven't seen it yet stop everything you are doing and click play. Trust me, you will not see anything cuter on The Interwebs today. Seriously, baby pandas have nothing on their cuteness.

Of course, the cute is one thing. But it's the adorable subversiveness that interests me most. You see, this is quite simply a first: an out lesbian talk show host interviewing her out lesbian wife in front of a national audience of millions. Suck it, Prop. 8. While the couple didn't kiss or do much more than hug and dance in each other's general vicinity, their affection and familiarity was undeniably apparent. I particularly liked the moment when Ellen took off Portia's shoe. Now, she probably would have never done that, let alone initiated it, with another guest. But there she went, lifting Portia's ankle and, without really asking, removing her Louboutin. It was at once incredibly intimate and terribly normal. This is what couples do.

Also, can I just say after watching that last “Better Off Ted” clip that Ellen is one lucky, lucky lady. Oh my God, the bendy. Heavens, couldn't she have busted out a little of that in her intro?

Equally subversive was Ellen and Portia's participation in a “The Newlywed Game” skit. They faced off with a straight couple from the audience, and actually won when they both agreed that the best gift they had given each other was their heart/love. Say it with me, awwwwwww.

Now, much has been made already of eHarmony's sponsorship of the “The Newlywed Game” skit. Was this an attempt for the notoriously non-gay inclusive dating service to make amends with the GLBT community? Well, maybe. But I'm not quite ready to give eHarmony a happy homo inclusion hug just yet. The reason they sponsored “The Newlywed Game” segment on Ellen's show was because they are sponsoring the ENTIRE new “The Newlywed Game” series set to launch April 6 on GSN (listen closely and you can hear the host mention the new show's premiere date at the end of the clip). So this is basically a wholesale plug for their new gameshow, period. Granted, it was nice of them to allow Ellen to use the show's name, but I wouldn't call those fences mended yet.

Yet I think perhaps the interview's most delightful moments came at the very end when Ellen sang with Portia as part of her Bathroom Concert Series. Their song: “I Got You Babe.” The wonderful part is that you could tell they practiced beforehand and during they give each other sweet little encouragements and admonishments. Plus, if you watch the full song on Ellen's website, you'll even see real, live lesbian hand holding. See, America, a couple is a couple is a couple – especially when they try to karaoke together.


;)) babs said...

they are such a cute couple, watching them I can't stop smiling!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is Portia supposed to be some iconic stunning lesbian we aspire to be ? Before she got together with Ellen, she was just another average actress trying to make it big in LA. She's not exactly over-endowed with talent.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them and all that, but this is just too kitch even for American TV. Can't for the life of me see how this will help in the fight against Prop 8, but there ya go... I guess ANY lesbian represntation on TV is good representation, right ?

*walks away shaking head and looking at the ground, muttering*

Anonymous said...

OMG! You're right: toooo cute! You could fill my whole house with baby pandas and Portia and Ellen would be cuter.
And don't worry Portia, as an Australian if I saw you in Italy I'd be like, 'Who? Ellen? Oh, yeah, Ellen is the woman married to PORTIA.'

Anonymous said...

definitively i don't like De Generes,sorry and Portia

is a mediocre actress...

and too much gossip and reports,it's boring

Norma Desmond said...

I mean, I'm not a huge Ellen fan, myself, but I think this is a really great representation because it's so NORMAL. That's the beauty of it, really, that it's so freaking everyday. I guess I'm not seeing where the negative comments are coming from. *shrug* I do appreciate that Ellen is starting to become ever so slightly and sneakily political. THAT makes me happy.

Just as this did. I feel sorta... warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

^ You got that wrong, Norma. It's not NORMAL, not according to the majority of the American population !!! Which is why your country has so many issues accepting lesbian and gay relationships. Having a twee feature on daytime TV isn't gonna change the mindset of your fellow countrymen, no way no how.

And Ellen getting political ? Bwwhahaha ! I DON'T think so. Not whilst her show needs sponsors. Oprah she ain't.

Sara said...

Also, eHarmony is going to launch its gay dating website soon. So perhaps that's why they they were willing to attach their name to a couple of lesbians.

Off to watch all the clips again in case there was some cute that I missed the first few times...

TheWeyrd1 said...

I wanna get married...to those LONG legs that will hug me in friendship!!!

sinclair said...

it feels kind of silly, but I am way invested in Ellen & Portia as a couple, the butch/femme of it all especially. I was so into Portia when she was on Ally McBeal (remember how she never took her hair down at work? Soooo hot) and it was one of those moments of "if she's femme, then all is right with the world" for me when I found out she really was queer.

and the politics ... yes, she is representing normalcy, and no, it is not particularly radical, but I'm so so happy to see Ellen making any sort of political statements for gay rights.

vikki said...

I thought the same thing about the shoe bit. It felt so...intimate. I also loved them singing "I Got You Babe" and holding hands. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ms. Snarker!!
I dreamt last night that you would post this.
Especially the part about "Her Heart" & "Love"
if that doesn't say it, well... you're right - Suck It 8!

I was so happy to seem them genuinely adore each
other. When they play the newly wed game, you can
see that they wanted to kiss each other when
they both answered the same.

What I appreciate the most is that they were so
relaxed and Ellen as usual playful.

Can't put-down any form of Love!

Ahhh.... Love. Spring must be in the air.

Oriana said...

They are the cutest!!
<3 them together...!

Penny Cillin said...

I think that they are an absolutely charming couple. It is great to see a happy gay couple becoming so recognized, and it is exactly that kind of visibility that we need.

Also, Portia was FABULOUS on Arrested Development.
Best. Show. Ever.

.....Are they making the movie version?....

Shula said...

I really enjoyed the audiences reaction to watching them as well. There were a lot of awws etc. They were super cute together and the extended singing was lovely and so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Okay, can the anonymous posters get the fuck over themselves and if they hold negative opinions, at least have the courage to put their names to them. M'kay, nastiness aside, Portia and Ellen make a lovely couple and I wish them all the best!


Pyewacket said...

1 - After seeing Sirens for the 1st time, I certainly knew who Portia was.

2 - Portia was one of my faves on Ally McBeal.

3 - My favorite parts were when they played Aw Snap on their lawn and when they sang 'I Got You Babe.'

4 - If people cannot get how big a thing it is for the American viewing audience to welcome a lesbian couple into their homes (even if it is via television) so that the public can feel safe (as opposed to all that fear crap that was spewed during Prop 8 and is still spewed every chance they get) to see just how human and loving this couple is...just like those who are watching...then I think the importance of it is simply going over your heads and you will never 'get it.'

Karin said...

I teared up a little when they held up the "her heart" and "love" cards. I also really enjoyed their lawn games :) Just so adorable!

Zoka the Puppy said...

Way to go!!!! Nicely said!!! Bravo!!
Totally agree!!
You see, people who voted YES on prop 8? That was a mistake!
God bless you all :)
NO ON 8!

Norma Desmond said...

Dear Anonymous who responded to my comment:
I love how America was written off in one fell swoop by someone who, presumably, is neither from here nor lives here... hm. Now, I’m not the biggest all around fan of my country, but I would venture a guess that, while a majority of Americans may not be FOR gay marriage in so many words, the majority are not actively against us or, perhaps, against us at all, not to mention that there are plenty of gay couples that don’t want marriage at all and feel it is a defunct social institution. As for my country having ‘so many issues’ accepting gay relationships, I would say we’re not the only ones. It’s not like we’re the last ones holding out, clinging to traditional marriage structures… I mean, have you seen the rest of the world? The places where gay marriage is possible are really few and far between.

Also, the ‘NORMAL’ I was referencing was not that fact that it was a LESBIAN couple but, rather, that they were just a couple, regardless of gender. It was two people, hanging out, who love each other. That’s normal. Love is normal. Wanting to give your heart to someone and get hers back in return? NORMAL.

Media is the most powerful tool we have for changing people’s minds and trying to bring them around to understanding. I mean, what else do you suggest? Brainwashing? Chip implantation? What? Ellen’s visibility has had noted effects on people’s perceptions and acceptance of lesbians, no matter how distanced that is. Media does not exist in a vacuum and doesn’t transmit into a vacuum. That’s like arguing that the increased visibility of the LGBTQ community in media isn’t an indication that the times, they are a changin’.

Finally, if you don’t think Ellen bringing Portia on the show was political, well… And she has been vocal in the fight against Prop. 8. That’s political. As for Oprah… you know that she campaigned WITH Obama, right? Last time I checked, the presidential race? Political.

Sorry ‘bout that Ms. Snarker… sometimes, I just can’t control myself. :P

Anonymous said...

this was so adorable, this segment. im so glad that ellen decided to do it. i also loved how ellen took portia's shoe off and how they both said love for the best gift that they had been given. ellen is awesome and this is just another step to help the fight against prop. 8.

Akaisha said...

I was such a baby gay when I watched this. I think I teared up like, what, 3 times?

They truly are adorable. Gotta love ya some Ellen.

kandazzle said...

i was SOOOO beyond excited to see them on tv. I texted about 100 people and practically squealed!


Suzy said...

I hated that they didn't kiss when the got the answer right. Stupid close-minded-crap. They were so cute and my face hurts from grinning.

ida said...


(you told us to say so, but I would have said AWWW anyway, so let's hear it again...)


Anonymous said...

They really are the cutest couple alive! They are so in love! You can see it when one of them enter the room and there is a sparkle in each of their eyes!
We love you Ellen and Portia!

Anonymous said...

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