Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'll bring the muscle

Dara Torres
Ask and ye shall receive. If it's strong women you want, baby, it's strong women you get. Now anyone who was around during the Summer Olympics knows my fetish admiration for athletic women is boundless. I'm endlessly impressed by “muscularity/toned/athleticism” in women. Heck, I've even theorized before that strong arms are like cleavage for lesbians. They certainly get more overt ogling from me than either T or A. Part my love of athletes is the dedication and work that goes into these glistening bodies and part is because I am a spectacularly clumsy, scrawny, athletically-challenged dork. So, you know, opposites attract.

Dara TorresI think my deep reverence for the accomplishments of this five-time Olympian could best be summed up by the saying: humana humana, humana humana.
Natasha KaiSoccer star. Check. Lesbian. Check. Gold Medal. Check. Tattoos. Check. No, seriously, check out those tattoos.
Natasha Kai

Gina CaranoI'm a lover (or at least aspire to be a lover), and decidedly not a fighter. Still, any way you slice it mixed martial arts fighter (a.k.a. Crush from “American Gladiator”) is a knockout. Seriously. Thud.
Gro HammersengI don't really understand handball other than that it looks hard as hell to play. What I do understand is that 6-feet-tall lesbian Norwegian handball captains have the kind of arm cleavage that renders me temporarily incapable for forming multisyllabic words, or any words at all.
Fabiola da Silva
Fabiola da Silva
When Brazilian inline skater and seven-time X-Games gold medalist reaches for the sky, the sky has to take a step backward. Her skills are so limitless the league had to create the “Fabiola Rule” to allow her to compete against the men. From the looks of things, she could out bench press a bunch of them, too.
Jessica ZelinkaIf muscle definition was an Olympic sport, this Canadian heptathlete would be a world record breaker. Guess she'll just have to settle for being an actual Olympian. Oh, and cute as a button – a really fit button.
Steffi GrafSteffi is my favorite tennis player, and possibly athlete, of all time. Her sheer domination of the sport was nothing short of mesmerizing. Also, I'm pretty sure her famous Vogue photoshoot from 1989 helped make me gay.Steffi Graf


Sarah in Chicago said...

DS -

*big passionate kiss*

You, my dear, are a paragon amongst women *smile* Sooooo much eye-candy ....

I think one of the things that really gets me is that this isn't merely about attractiveness ... in order to get bodies like these it takes commitment, ambition, motivation, and sheer will. As gorgeous as these women are, THAT makes them even more insanely beautiful.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, yesterday after the discussion during tank-top tuesday, I posted on my own blog a tribute to Jessica Biel:

Shazza said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou and OMG THANKYOU!!

narcolepsy_slds said...

thanks a bunch.
This post and the reaction above makes being athletic even more rewarding *g*
but somehow I wish I would have seen this when I was younger ...

Anonymous said...

Gro Hammerseng makes me proud of being norwegian! I absolutely adore her!

Anonymous said...

Did you watch that interview with Robbie Williams and Gro? Robbie looked kinda surprised to find out that Gro is a gay lady. *g*

You can find the clip on youtube. such search for 'Gro Hammerseng Robbie Williams'.

Anonymous said...

wow. just wow. damn this makes me want to go to the gym.

could you also include yelena isinbayeva photo...i mean have you seen that body

Mia said...

Wow i checked and choked on those tattoos... niiiiice ;)

shoveya said...

Woo Hoo! Nice nice nice nice ncice! That was such a nice reminder of the games and all the amazing women. Myself, I'm an abs person. Men and abs, no big deal. Women with abs, wow!

TheWeyrd1 said...


Anonymous said...

One word:

Phwaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrr !


Anonymous said...

Steffi Graf is my favorite athlete too. I watched her beat Martina Hingis in her last French open... she won with such grace I loved her even more. After that I got to see her play against Jennifer Capriati. She was sick and had to forfit, but it was still one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Patty Diphusa said...

My arms are like spaghettis!! Those women are scary!

D said...

Gro!! :))) And she is even more gorgeous in person:))

Collins said...

ah steffi graf. i, too, think she had a little bit of a say in me being gay. and why i still have go weak in the knees for a girl with a big nose...

big ups, snarker!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I was the only Stefi Graf fan. I absolutely adore her and her beautiful body. She is one awesome woman to lust over. And the others aren't bad either. Arms and hands - you can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo glad you included Gina Carano-- any word on her orientation?

perfectflaw75 said...

My-my-my... I'm positively drooling over all the goodnesses...
Thank you, ma'am!

Anna said...

Zoë Bell needs to happen in a discussion of muscle. Episode 1 of Angel of Death, her abs went "And where do you think you're going?" ( said...

yes on the zoe bell comment fershure. Ms Snarker you are AWESOME! humana humana humana humana indeed

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, they're all so gorgeous!

Half of me wants to be them... Half of me wants to be WITH them.

Thank you so so so much DS! You deserve a huge slobbery kiss!

Anonymous said...

Please consider adding Amelie Mauresmo to this list. She's got an amazing physique.

Anonymous said...

Brain. gone. blank.

hot hot hot

thanks for posting but where is Amelie Mauresmo? She has an AMAZING body! Arms, Abs, Bum, Legs you name it!


SmilinHobbes said...

"We are not worthy. We are not worthy." Thanks so much, DS. Damn you treat your minions well!

Gina Carano makes my mind all muddled each and every time I see a picture of her. She is breathtakingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

pu haha,
should say humana? ggg. ^^

the punch pic looks very
impressive. it was very fun beijing
olympic time, wasn't it?

somehow i like woman as a woman
i mean there is nothing wrong with
muscle but i prefer round soft arm.
as the usual, just so so.
that's what i like.

somehow you like the muscle arm
so are you gonna make it?
exercise is good for health
such as breathing, slowly walking,
sitting long time.

o, is it real the soccer play's tatto on her leg. if she get bored
about it then how she get off it
from her? i don't think science help. there still marks remain.

that's why sticker is so cool.
it waterproof.

thank you for the funny post!
good night.

Anonymous said...

um i just wanna make sure,
im talking about the big tatto,
simply. you know no other meaning
on it. so don't go too much no bias
at all.

generally i mean when people so much like trendy thing they get bored easily, so then if..did like that big one.. just worry about how...

Anonymous said...

indeed, the swimmer looks great!
i saw her on tv, she has daughter
right? super mom maybe. physically.

see you.

Anonymous said...

Though I have always <3'ed Martina, I often found myself cheering for Steffi. I was insanely happy when she married Andre Agassi. Always liked him, too.

Now I'm in love with this Gina Carano, whoever she is. Googling for pictures as we drool - I mean speak.

Sabsl Photography said...

*loool* Dorothy, I think you should come to a german speaking country... because evrytime I turn on the TV, I see Steffi Graf in any "Barilla" Commercial ;)

Anonymous said...

agree for Steffi

Delphine said...

I love Steffi Graf.
She's the best tennis player ever.
Plus she has an amazing body and she's so charming.
I got lucky to talk to her and she seems to be a nice person too. Just like her husband.

Anonymous said...

I just learned the actress who played Silhouette in Watchmen placed 3rd in last year's WNSO FAME West. There are some great online pics of her competing.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!

Yes, arms are soooo lesbian cleavage!

Creation of lesbian cleavage;
easier, cheaper and less invasive than breast implant surgery, but it takes more stamina!

Another bonus is that it's pleasant to watch, compared to the gore fest of watching a video of breast implants.

So lesbian cleavage 2 - 0 fake boobs?

Sonja said...

Oh my god, that Steffi Graf photo shoot made me gay too! I had that picture of her taking off/putting on her shoe tacked up (ironically) to my bedroom closet! LOL!

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suakcot said...

i love gina garao my dream girl

Anonymous said...

Saw a few of ur photos here:

Very cool and inspiring!

Deanna Yang said...

You want arm candy. What about Holly Hunter (better than Emma Stone) playing Billie Jean King. Check her showing up Bobby Riggs in the biceps department: