Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Total Lezzy

Hey, lesbians, do you like reading blogs? Sure you do! Well, that or you really hate your job. Heck, who says it has to be either or? So if you’re a blog lovin’ and/or job hatin’ lesbian lady (or straight or bisexual or trans lady or – hell – a gentleman of any variety, too) then get your vote on over at The Lesbian Lifestyle for its annual all-lesbian blog awards The Lezzys. Formerly the TLL Lesbian Blog of the Year, The Lezzys have been renamed and expanded.

Now, yours truly was truly honored to win the TLL Lesbian Blog of the Year last year. But this year I’m tickled to see that there are more categories and more chances to spread the lesbian blog love around. This year’s categories are:

  • Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog
  • Best Lesbian Humor Blog
  • Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
  • Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog
  • Best Lesbian Personal Blog
  • Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog
  • Best Gender Bender Blog
  • Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
  • Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d still like to win. Who doesn’t like a good stroke, ego or otherwise? So if you’re so inclined, put your two bits in for me for Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog and Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year.

Nominations opened on Monday and go until 11 p.m. EDT Feb. 9. You can submit one nomination form every 24-hours during this period. Votes will be tracked via email address and must be confirmed via an emailed link after they are submitted. The top three nomination getters in each category will then go onto the finals. Click here to submit your nominations.

I promise not to nag you too much about the nominations, but I do encourage you to recognize some of the great sites out there in the lesboverse. The world at large is often so oppressively, overwhelmingly straight that it’s wonderful to know that you can always go online to find a community of unapologetic and awesome gay women who work day and night to make it a little less so. So many thanks to Kelly, aka Gold Star Dyke, over at TLL for organizing the awards and giving us this opportunity. And with that, go get ‘em Lezzys.

p.s. Oh, yeah, please consider the following mini Tank Top Tuesday a total bribe for your nominations. Hey, nothing says I can’t be unapologetic, awesome AND shameless.

Keira KnightleyOlivia WildeGrace ParkSarah Shahi and Kate MoennigWhat? Kate is totally wearing a tank top.


Anonymous said...

you have my vote, Mrs. President...what? A girl can dream!!

Anonymous said...

i voted for you, because your blog is my favorite.. ever!

Anonymous said...

It should go without saying, but I'm still going to say it... of course you got my vote, after all you're the best blog around, so who else would I vote for?

Keep up the great job!

I loved the screen shot of Sarah Shahi and Kate Moennig... Sarah has some wonderful "assets"...

Anonymous said...

You're being modest I did E/C Best over all and Humor

Steph said...

♥, as always.

long beach kelster said...

bribery like that will get you whatever you want! of course you deserve it too! thx DS!

Anonymous said...

UNF! I... unf!

Anonymous said...

haha. that olivia pic...
fedora? CHECK.
suspenders? CHECK.
tank top? CHECK.

watch out, angelina, it appears that ms. wilde is trying to dethrone you of your "woman most women would like to sleep with" crown.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Shahi is pregnant.

azbabe said...

Your blog is the best around not only b/c it is lesbocentric but b/c it's so funny and clever. You're the Jon Stewart/Rachel Maddow/Bill Maher of my world.

melinda6499 said...

rose rollins should totally be on here

wardnine said...

Consider it done!