Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say it with Snarker

I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. In a relationship, out of a relationship, the day has always had an artifice to it that crassly commodified the simple declaration of love. Also, you know, I'm bitter. But beyond the Hallmarkification of the holiday and price gouging of roses, I actually do – deep down – appreciate the sentiment. Love in all its many forms is undeniably grand, even if the before and after can be entirely the opposite. So in honor of florists' Cupid's big day, here are some cards that celebrate queer love, or something like it. Sure, all the smart lesbians are already saying it with Maddow. But, what these lack in hot, nerdy, policy wonkiness they make up for in terrible Photoshopping skills. Send them to someone you love, lust or would just like to see naked this Valentine's Day. [Click any and all to enlarge the snark love]

And, just to show that I have a heart, here is one snark-free offering. Hey, it's not that I've gone soft. It's just that I'm excited about the half-price chocolates come Feb. 15.


;)) babs said...

thank you, ms. snarker!
this warms my graphic designer heart!

;)) babs

I know it's too early, but

Ana said...

love it, dorothy!
you are truly awesome!

Anonymous said...

Dorothy, are you available to be someone's valentine?

I also believe you should host a Bay-Area queerfest, so all of us like-minded lesbians can meet up!

Leesh said...

I was seriously thinking this morning that I needed to go find some e-cards for Valentines day (cause, you know, I'm romantic like that)... but you went and did my work for me!

Just another thing on the (long) list of reasons why you're the best!

pyewacket said...

OMG I love these! I had to share a couple of them with friends since I thought they were quite appropriate to their situations!

Happy pre-VD!


Anonymous said...

Yo peeps, for those of you looking for lesbian themed e-cards go to

Anonymous said...

Happy V Day, Ms. Snarker --

Anonymous said...

hum... i thought whatever is fine,
but it seems like supposed to be rose and choco..

somehow thanks for the post,
i'm just wondering where the sentences come from...
i mean on the card.

it's so you know,
especially, the brain tumor..
what happened yesterday ds?

Anonymous said...

Made of awesome.

And you are glasses, is poignant for the backstory and perfect Brooke.

Anonymous said...

so pretty and sweet! its fab, do!

Katherine Simon said...

Awesome. I've already sent some out... and made the Callica one my facebook picture.

Cheers, and Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Anonymous said...

Love em! Particularly the parking lot of no return and the bat shit crazy one ;)

DocCovington said...


ROFL @ the two Grey's Anatomy ones

Too funny! =D