Friday, February 20, 2009

My Weekend Crush

I know everyone is all a drool about Eliza Dushku and her varying states of nakedness in “Dollhouse.” Which is only natural because, you know, duh. But I’m rather excited about the return of Olivia Williams. Not that she really went anywhere, especially not for you lucky souls across the big puddle in the U.K. But for us statesiders, the last good long look we got of her was in “Rushmore” and “The Sixth Sense.” And that was way back before the turn of the century. You know, back before YouTube and Facebook and, hell, even AfterEllen. So it’s wonderful to be able to gaze longingly at her endlessly pretty face again. What has always attracted me to Olivia is that she combines a delicate, reserved beauty with a deep, knowing sexuality that for the most part only the English are capable of pulling off successfully. I also love that at age 40 she has not futzed with her face. Those lines around her eyes speak of a world of experiences that the plasticine perfection of youth doesn’t even know exists. Right, where was I again? Welcome back, Olivia. Happy weekend, all.


Zed said...

Congratulations. You work hard, you deserve the recognition! and thanks.

danamitey said...

when you mentioned lines I had to scroll back up and look...really hard...I think her face is stunning I still see no flaws!course it could be I can't see past her eyes

Josephine said...

I'm excited about seeing her again, too. I've loved her since Rushmore, which is one of my favorite movies.

Anonymous said...

o, my classmate has like that
eyes, long time ago, i mean,
in the first class in us.
she came from other country too.
the pic just reminds me her.

anyway ds, what if someone doesn't
have the lines but experienced?
i have some lines cus i'm getting
..but somehow, um?

thank you for the post,
it's nice pic.

Norma Desmond said...

So weird. I just watched 'Below' tonight with a bunch of friends... Bad movie, but she was rather good as the only female in it. Funny... I never heard of her before tonight. Sounds like fate to me.

Lorraine said...

Oh have you seen her interview with Craig Ferguson it was lovely awkwardness:

Anonymous said...

extremely late to the party but, you know, seconded!

Anonymous said...

Extremely late to the party but, you know, seconded!