Wednesday, February 04, 2009

From Maddow with Love

If I were to take the cultural pulse of lesbians everywhere, I would be willing to wager an entire lifetime of sensible shoes that the one thing most likely to get all of our collective hearts racing right now is the prospect of an all-night policy session with Rachel Maddow. And, yes, “policy” is totally a euphemism for something much naughtier...and sweatier. But, barring a night of hot, sticky policy, the next best thing is clearly a Rachel Maddow e-card. Hey, with a lesbian crush this universal we take what we can get. So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, send one to someone you love. Or, you know, just horde them as part of the ever-growing Maddow shrine in your basement. [Click any to embiggen.]

Too obscure? Please, amateurs.

And my personal favorite, because you know it's true.


angelina_knits (in oakland) said...

Those are bleeping (rachel/gov f-word homage)amazing. And yeah, if the bad hat is obscure, then your love for the maddow deserves not the e-card, right?

Megan said...

Props to Viva Rachel Maddow. Those are some excellent cards.

And I will have to agree with you, Ms. Snarker, that the last card is by far the best. I'd send it to my lady friend, though I don't know how amused she'd be since she wasn't too happy with my outright swoonage of Maddow when we watched her show from the National Mall.

dc said...

LOVE IT! I'm now paying extra just to get MSNBC so I can watch her. Not only is she uber hot,she keeps me informed about things I'm *actually* interested in!

Thanks for the link to the e-card site, Dorothy. You're the best!

girl2grl said...

These are great!!! Thanks for pointing these out, I am soo going to send these out for V-Day!

Allie said...


I already told you that I don't have a shrine in my basement! (just my desktop wallpaper and a brain full of @Maddow facts!) Thanks for posting the ecards though I had already seen them, of course! I don't like the GOPeakness card for two reasons: first I LOVED the skit, second that is not obscure at all! C'mon, that was just a few days ago! Again, thanks for all that you do!
With love,
(formerly @allie_bo_ballie)
(that was way more than 140 characters!)

Anonymous said...

i like 'will you be..', and 'love is..'. cus the cupid rachel wear on eyeglass i respect she gonna send the arrow very correctly. -_-+

from e card, i like 'just a note..' and ' smart girl..' i more
prefer 'smart girl' cus it looks
bold and easy to catch my eyes in a second. and like the contrast of size, i mean the 'are' looks so cute.

ekg from pdx said...

like Megan, i wouldn't dare send one of these to my gf. she is already jealous of my infatuation with ms maddow... however, i may add them to my workplace shrine

bets said...

It's interesting that you changed the opening picture from the one with Blago to this one where she is at her desk in her office. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is smitten enough to watch the entire flickr roll:)

Wulf said...

Since I'm Canadian and not politically minded (a double whammy), I really have very little exposure to Rachel Maddow. That said, I want to chill with her, drink some beer, and watch sports and/or have a poker night.

crustybastard said...

We've taken to referring to Ms Maddow as "Daddy," and have decided to take it national.

Your assistance is appreciated.