Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Tortoise

Tonight is the night. Tonight we see if the tortoise really can beat the hare or, more appropriately in this case, the hair-free. Carla has been an absolute delight this season. Sure, she started out kinda kooky but now she is absolutely adorable. You just want to hug her. Or dance with her. Or simply be in the presence in such an uncanny human embodiment of a fraggle.

Seriously, at this point if you're not rooting for Carla then I'm not sure we can be friends. It's not just that she is more likable than her competitors. Sure, Stefan is endlessly arrogant and Hosea is endlessly whiny. But instead of hoping someone loses, as I've done in past season, I genuinely want her to win. She is the best chef out there. Plus if nothing else, think of the epic reaction shot we'd be treated to if Padma proclaims her Top Chef. In my mind's eye it would a little like the distillation of rainbows and unicorns and kittens and butterflies, in one smile.

Hell, you just know even the eternally serene Padma is secretly rooting for Team Hootie-Hoo.

So, now it's all over but the cooking. Go Hooti-Hoo, go! Let's all hope slow and steady really does win the race. And if that doesn't work, there's always pizzazz!

p.s. Just because every time I watch this clip it reminds me what it means to be awesome, let's see this one once more, with feeling:


yrboyfriend said...

I don't know Ms. Snarker, Carla remains eye-roll-inducing for me. I don't think her being in the final three is the result of her "growth," but the result of this season's judging weeding out the best and the worst, resulting only in the mediocre. To be technical, the median.

Radhika was in the top 3 three times, won once, and was only in the bottom three one time - her elimination. And what a bogus elimination! Leah sent out raw fish that was sent back, but her team won?

Fabio was in the top 3 six times, won twice, and was only in the bottom three twice, including his elimination.

Conversely, Carla was in the top 3 six times, won three, but was in the bottom 3 three times. Most of that was for pastry - she made two desserts with the exact same crust.

Hosea rules mediocrity by being in the bottom 3 four times, and the top 3 four times with two wins. Leah was the worst - she made it as far as she did with NO WINS.

I really don't care who wins this season at this point. I was rooting for Radhika, Jeff and Jamie, but once Leah made it past both Jeff and Jamie I officially checked out.

I hope we can still be friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm offering a compromise: like the previous poster, I too checked out after Leah made it past Jamie (and I still mourn for Jamie) but I'm watching tonight to root for Carla. However, if Hosea wins, I'll swear off Top Chef for life. I'll even root for Stefan if I have to. Hosea. Can't. Win.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I'm rooting for Carla, certainly. I think that Stefan has fallen victim to his own mind games and hasn't been cooking well at all. And Hosea, honestly, I'm not sure why he's even still there.
I do agree that there has been some advancement of mediocrity this season with Leah going as far as she did, and I do expect more from the judge's on Top Chef than what I do on all of those other competition shows that I don't bother to watch. Let's hope that Gail Simmons' return is just what we need to have some sanity and clarity at the judge's table.

gypsywee said...

I want Carla to win so badly I can hardly stand it. She is the most adorable thing EVER! Hosea is a tool and Stefan is a pig. Oh, and Carla cooks good too...

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Carla I see Tracee Ellis Ross from the show Girlfriends.

Rachel said...

I do admit that the show has been hard to watch since we lost Jamie... really, really hard... but Carla is magical! Talk about a good energy and someone you love to root for. If Stefan wins I'm gonna pitch a fit. If it's Hosea I'll just shrug. If it's Carla, well.. then I'll think that all is right with the world.

Akaisha said...

*crosses fingers for Carla*!

The fact that she's from the South, loud, and puts love in her food is enough reason for me to vote for her.

Anonymous said...

So who "won" last week? Bette or Tasha? With over 200 comments, it was not easy to determine.

As I am a "Bette" girl, I of course saw more Bette as victorious entries but I am admitted biased. Ms. Snarker, did you keep track?

Mav said...

Bring it home Carla! I'm pulling for team Hootie Hoo! (I did hate to see Jamie go though)

Laura NY said...

While I'm all for carla bringing home the gold, I'm trying to keep in mind that this is, above all, a tv show. On bravo, nonetheless. It's entertainment, pure and simple, just like the movies, kids. The producers are basically going to decide who wins, for viewership and for future success of the Top Chef brand. Not on merits alone. So the question is: will we have a happy ending, or a depressing one?

pyewacket said...

I agree with everybody. lol

First, I too see Diana Ross' daughter every time I see Carla.

I also agree that who rose to the final four really got f-ed-up with Leah hanging around as long as she did. For the supposed drama, but seriously Leah and Hosea as a couple hooking up was a bore and a snore.

With all of that said, I really want to see Carla be top chef. I do think she focused on the food while those who were left standing around her (with the except of Fabio) focused on their egos.

kiita said...

When I saw Jamie was booted -- and I was already clued in that she was going to be -- when I saw it, there was such wailing and gnashing of teeth so that my dog ran away from me and my partner ran into the room. I think my heart broke.

Carla is just a happy gracious woman. I'd love her to win.

Anonymous said...

Fabio was ROBBED!!

Stefan is an egotistical boob and Hosea, well, just, eh.

Carla I haven't completely figured out. She kinda freaks me out; I can't look at her for too long. It's those eyes; they stare.

Leah couldn't cook crap. She never knew what the hell she was cooking, and constantly reminded us of that fact. Why? Why? Why?

I could like Jamie if she stopped cooking scallops. Scallops, scallops, everywhere.