Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top hoser

In mourning for Carla's loss and Hosea's win, I will refer you to my final "Top Chef" mini-cap posted today on AfterEllen. It's hard to fully articulate my disappointment in both the end result and ultimately this season. Gail Simmons summed it up perfectly.


pyewacket said...

Wow, that's one pic of Padma you got there that I can honestly say I don't want a copy of.

Oh what a mess of a season. What a mess of a finale. Whoever the suits are who have an influence in the judging should be fired because they really ruined this season and I am not saying that just because Carla didn't win.

I think Leah was kept on longer than she should have simply because of the pseudo-romantic crap between she and Hosea.

Which led to him being kept on the show even longer than Leah...when others should have stayed and Hosea should have packed his knives.

So Top Chef applicants learn from this season...if you end up on the show...agree with another contestant to at least pretend hook-up with each other so that you don't actually have to do all that well in the kitchen to be kept on.

I can think of 4 other chefs who were robbed because I guess they decided Leah, Hosea...and Stefan even though at some point he stopped trying...made for good drama.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

When Carla allowed Casey's suggests to control the dishes she was making, instead of asserting herself, I knew that she was doomed.

Microkritter said...

Wow! Padma looks about as impressed as you sound.

iampecola said...

I still haven't watched--I know exactly what happens (thanks Twitter!) and can't bring myself to watch it. All I can do is read interviews with Carla and revel in the awesomeness.

Plus, if I really saw her get emotional, I might just lose it.

Maria said...

I bet Jamie wouldn't have been eliminated if she'd been hooking up with Stefan. Ugh.

You'd think that since Bravo lost Project Runway, they'd throw some more effort into Top Chef. But no, instead they picked some boring contestants and had them compete in even more boring challenges, then they gave the top prize to "America! Fuck Yeah!"

roark said...

That dutyhead didn't deserved it.

The show wasn't that exciting to watch. I was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog site...really I do. I am however dissappointed that I looked here before having the chance to view the finale I taped last night....spoiler alert would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Absolute disappointment. Posters are right. Hosea and Leah were kept on longer because of their romance, period. But I guess that goes along with the judging "disclaimer" they put on during the show, it was better for the show to keep them on (how I don't know, boring), screw the actual cooking. Jaime went early and so did the other guy with the accent. (I've barely slept the last few days, memory is shot). Dale went early last year to accommodate Lisa.

Carla should have done her own thing. Casey didn't even win Caseys' season, not to take anything away from her, but the winner was obvious going in.

Carla had to have dominated, 2 of the 3 meals to win. Stefan had been straight from the beginning (in a Hung sort of way), not perfect but as good as you could hope for. The judges didn't want another "Hung" obvious winner, "his to lose" sort of thing so Hosea won to keep it interesting. Stefan, Carla/Jaime, other foreigner. Those were the top 4.