Friday, November 02, 2007

Who you calling ugly?

America Ferrera is kind of pretty, no? These gorgeous shots of Ms. Not-At-All Ugly are for the Dec. issue of Marie Claire U.K. These photos serve two purposes for me today. One, they’re beautiful and by Friday the best my brain can manage is to stare at something beautiful and go, “Look, pretty.” And two, they help assuage my guilt about being four episodes behind in my “Ugly Betty” watching. Don’t worry, I plan to repent this weekend with a nice, long marathon. But for now, please sit back and enjoy the eye candy. [Click any to enlarge.] Look, pretty.


citizen spot said...

Wow! Nice photos. But I am not surprised. She was awesome in "Real Women Have Curves". Definitely a rising star to keep an eye on.

slacker said...

Quite attractive. But there's also something about her...she seems like she's smart and has it together...and that's even more attractive.

Happy belated birthday, hostess!