Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Weekend Crush

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes this week. I wasn’t fishing for presents, I swear. Honest. My treat this week was going to see Gwen Stefani. There is so much to like about Gwen. She is sexy without being skanky. She is smart without being sanctimonious. She is glamorous without being gaudy. She is fun without being fluffy. She is perky without being pesky. And she works hard without making it seem like hard work. Sure, I’m a little tired of her shilling her L.A.M.B. brand at me, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to pay the bills.

I think the best thing about Gwen is that she is a pop star who owns her own image. No one is silently pulling the strings above her head. Her songs are her own, her style is her own, her success is her own. For a superstar, she seems refreshingly grounded. So much so that when she says that she is just an Orange County girl living in an extraordinary world, we actually believe her. Plus the woman just puts on a damn good show. And at age 38 (not to mention as the mother of a 1-year-old), she still has abs that could make a grown woman weep. Gwen is the kind of pop star you can feel good about liking. And, sadly, there aren’t too many of those around these days. Happy weekend, all.


Huggitis Brown said...

Wow, she's 38 ? As in, thirty-eight ?? Holy Liz Lemon ! I thought she was in her early thirties or something like that. Whoa. Anyway, more kuddos to her for those abs and the personality that comes wih them. I'm not into her music, but I like the person I seem to discern behind all the heavy machinery of the music industry. Rock on.

Plush said...
For me that article says a lot about how I feel about Gwen, she's ok, not my cup of tea. For a female rock star I will take Beth Ditto or Bif Naked any day.

lucy said...

Dorothy I read your blog often. I seem to always agree with your point of view. Your take on Gwen Stefani- I honestly, no joke, have written something very similar in a blog before. So, ITA.

Funny side note. I'm a hetero women who missed your footnote about your sexual orientation. I too have a section for girl crushing on my current blog. Reading your blog I did catch on & then read the fine print a little bit closer. It was a slightly funny experience.

Well, I'll stay tuned
Have a great B-day!!

*plush I do see what your saying about Gwen not being your cup of tea. She becomes too much rather quickly. Kinda like Nutra Sweet

dc said...

Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio :)

I've been out to a Scorpio dinner this evening, with a couple of other Scorpionettes. IT was fun.

Sorry, have to disagree with you about Gwen. I find her very irritating!

The BubbleHead Nurse said...

A can't get an incident out of my head when someone mentions Gwen Steffani:
I was walking in the halls of the underground-railway when I saw a ripped of page which looked like from a porno magazine when I realized it was Gwen Steffani.

Girly Grrrl said...

Happy birthday, Dorothy! Hope you enjoyed the concert. I definitely enjoyed some initial confusion when I hit your weekend crush page, and here's why:

Before scrolling down to see Gwen's face, all I saw was her hair in those sweet little rolls, and for a moment I thought you were crushing on one of the most crush-worthy gals I know. Check out to see for yourself. La Lunsford is one of the few true divas of academe.


Anonymous said...

Not a Gwen fan at all but will definitely support what you mentioned in the article. I've got to give props to any woman in the biz who works earnestly and tirelessly while staying grounded.

Rock On!