Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mafia hit

Say hello to the first casualty of the writers strike. ABC has bumped midseason replacement “Cashmere Mafia” from its original Nov. 27 premiere date to an indefinite TBA. Presumably, they’re saving the show in case the strike goes long. But what this means right now is that we’ll have to wait until who-the-hell-knows when to see some Bonnie Somerville girlie action. And that also leaves us in lesbian limbo with one fewer gay woman character on TV to root for this season.Dammit, producers. Pay your fucking writers fairly and let’s be done with this thing. We want to see women kissing on primetime television! In fact, we demand it! Trust me, the last thing you want is a mob of pissed gay women descending on your posh Hollywood offices. We know how to use power tools and can wield a mean softball bat. Believe me, the teamsters got nothing on us.

A peek at what we’ll be missing. Now, where did I put that bat?


The Gentleman said...

Gosh, I had many hopes hanging on Cashmere Mafia...next time you'd be saying that we would have to wait untill next April for some Battlestar goodies...oh wait...We have to?
No Kara, Six, Roslin, Boomer or Three for five more months???
It's official, I'm going in hibernation, starting now!

Anonymous said...

Name the date and I'll be there - Chainsaw in tow!!!! Oooh, I've got steam coming out of my ears right about now!

This is no way to start off a Tuesday morning!

Anonymous said...

Darn It - so mad forgot to sign.

Rock On Ms.S.


(going over to the corner to damn well pout for the rest of the day and beat my fists against the wall)

AKILAH said...

I was reading about this show in the LA Times image section and I didn't even know that Bonnie Sommerville's Character would be gay... so now I'm stoked, before I was just mildly interested. SATC had it's place, and I don't want to see them get old.

Dame Rhetorica said...

I've got the bat in my trunk, and I'm ready to roll. I've also got a spare effigy or two left over from yesterday (Guy Fawkes), just in case anyone would rather go that route.


sphygmo said...

Oh, I am definitely gonna watch out for the lesbian blonde. I just hope they develop some really good storylines for her and her girlfriend. My head is nearly exploding at the mere thought that it might just be a fling and that the blonde girl would go back to heteroville. Uhf. What if it's a publicity thing? To attract lesbian viewers? My cynical part screams it.

WordNerd said...

That's disappointing. I was looking forward to that show quite a bit. I could sense a new crush in the making. Alas.