Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toothpick chic

CLICK to enlarge the Amazing Toothpick GirlFor the most part, I think Keira Knightley is a rather pretty and pretty talented young woman. And while she genuinely seems like one of those naturally skinny types, this is totally freaking me out. (Click above to enlarge the not-so large.) Seriously, her head is the thickest part of her body. That’s just not right. Not right at all.


nycrouge said...

But in all fairness she's always had that body type (at least since Bend It Like Beckham). So I would argue that Keira Knightley is thankfully not in the same league as other actresses who were once of normal body size and who have since succumbed to skeletal size.

Not that you would kick her out of bed if given the opportunity, Ms. Snarker ;)

nycrouge said...

Which is apparently what you already said. Anywho, looks like I need more coffee.

Linda said...

she's such a twiglet!

Anonymous said...

I never understood why she is soooo hot, especially for lesbians... She is so skeletal! Never worked for me, even if her body is ''natural'' (this one makes me laugh.)

Anonymous said... my youth I *did* go out with someone as stick thin as her. That was her natural body type.... she ate like a horse :)

However, making love with her was sometimes kinda bruising (!), given that I was only marginally less thin..Just imagine the clash of rib cages...[chuckle]

So yes, I would kick her out of bed now! Besides, I'm not attracted to ultra thin types anymore...the wisdom of age and all that.

Plush said...

I'd be afraid I'd break her in two. Can't be rough with a girl that skinny, what is the point then?