Friday, August 31, 2007

My Weekend Crush

THUD. Seriously, thud.As I was poking through ye olde blog today, I realized that next week marks the one-year anniversary of My Weekend Crush. That’s right, almost a full year’s worth of gorgeous has graced these pages for your weekend enjoyment. In honor of all that hotness, I thought we’d go back to the beginning. An adolescent Jodie Foster, still a mere baby-dykelette in bell bottoms and sensible shoes, was my inaugural crush. Over the years she has remained my most steadfast crush. She is practically everything I find attractive in a woman. To quote this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly: “Tough. Sexy. Smart. Classy. She’s the antidote to everything you hate about Hollywood.” Amen to that. Man, I can’t think of anything I’d rather stare at over this long three-day weekend than Jodie Foster in a white tank top. Can you? Happy Labor Day weekend, all.

p.s. For more on Jodie’s smoking spread for W magazine, along with more interviews, more photos and more reasons to thank the universe for the existence of white tank tops, check out the AfterEllen Blog on Tuesday.


Linda said...

oh. my. lord. i think i may have to go and lie down in a darkened room with a damp copy of Woman's Weekly across my fevered brow!

but of course i love her for her integrity, not how hot she looks in a white vest - you do believe me, don't you? nah, thought not...

Anonymous said...

Dotty....Great minds work as one. I was going to comment yesterday on this blog, as I received my copy of EW with Jodie Foster on the cover, that JF deserves to be our "Weekend Crush" even though she has graced your blog on many an occasion.

Some things are worth repeating :-)

And Ms. Jodie gives good interview. Then, Saturday morning, I saw a trailer for "The Brave One". The music is edgy and........ she. looks. splendid. Forty-four years old never looked so good.

And I agree with Linda, I love JF for her integrity, too.

wholesomegrrl said...

Happy anniversary--and you have very good taste, if I may say so :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw this pic the other day under the headline "Jodie Foster is hot. Who knew?" Lol, oh those straight people.

WordNerd said...

sweet jesus. that's all I can say. sweet ever-lovin' jesus.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize she was in W when I bought it...but when I turned the page and saw the photo you have posted....I swear I heard an angel get its wings.

Shazza said...


Amanda said...

I was at a friend's house last night and she didn't know who Jodie was... I cried a little inside.

Congrats and I love the weekend crush

Anonymous said...

not to say that i am anyone whom has a say in other's people's personal choices. hence: my two cents for whatever it's worth: through some of the interviews i have read, she never dismisses the idea that she is a single mother. if her partner is helping, i think it's proper to give her credit. (i was raised by a single mother & know the difficulties). Although I am aware that she will subtly give her partner credit, ie. her kids hand prints with her partners last name as their middle name, and how she refers to "we" when talking about raising her sons. perhaps, that's her way of giving her partner credit - but in my little world, it's not suffice.

and to add. i recently read that she doesn't consider herself a part of any group, any revolution. but we (as queers) are inherently involved in a movement. and we should all give credit to those before us that paved a few roads.

note: i am completely and utterly fascinated by this woman. no other actor has quite the presence. and damnit, i am so curious why so many people are so obsessed with her?

Dark Orpheus said...

Great picture. I believe it is good therapy for my eyes. thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

You make some good points. I too get annoyed when she lets people think she's a single mom. She was raised by a single mom, so she should know better, right?

And I don't believe for a second that she doesn't think she's part of a group/revolution.

If you've read/watched enough of her interviews, you can tell she's fond of the bs. IMHO, she doesn't feel comfortable discussing much about what makes her tick.

Even if you set aside the whole queer thing for a moment, you need look no further than her filmography/career to see that she's done plenty to advance women in Hollywood. She's just broken down so many doors, and I would argue not just for women, but gay women because though she's not out publicly, she's been out to the Hollywood comnunity forever.

That's why I like her anyway. As far as women role models, she's a damn good one.

Plus, she's the hotness.

Anonymous said...

"She was raised by a single mom, so she should know better, right?"

Actually she was raised by her mum and her mum's gf (at least for a chunk of time), who also didn't get any she's had a life time's training in dissembling. It probably comes easily.

But I guess that its something she's worked out with her partner, one hopes.