Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday f*ck-ups

It’s the end of another long work week. So to make you feel better about all that went wrong (or to celebrate all that went right), here is a compilation of famous people fucking up at their jobs. But, you know, in a funny way. Go ahead and giggle at these bloopers at your desk, your co-workers already think you’re crazy anyway.

From “The Silence of the Lambs”

“Fucking do the Hokey Pokey!”

From “The Devil Wears Prada”

Falling down works. Every. Single. Time.

From “Finding Neverland”

Peter Pan + the wall = still laughing

From “Bandidas”

Salma + Penelope + cleavage = still drooling

From Evil Nostradamus, a.k.a. Dick Cheney

This would be fucking hilarious if it wasn’t so terribly true.

1 comment:

reelgal said...

Thanks for the laughs. Figures that you'd find some Jody bloopers. I found it funny and somewhat endearing that even with the Ivy League and the fluent French, she gives out with the f word!