Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nip/Tuck spoils our fun

Joely can't even bear to watch.**SPOILERS! Nip/Tuck Spoilers! Seriously, I mean it! SPOILERS!**

So, in classic “Nip/Tuck” fashion, the new season hasn’t even started yet and already it has delivered a potentially infuriating WTF moment. If Watch with Kristin is right, it really sucks:
“Julia (Joely Richardson) and her new girlfriend (played by Ms. Portia de Rossi) -- yes, I said girlfriend -- will be the victims of a violent crime this year. I’m hearing the pair is kidnapped, sexually assaulted and left to deal with the emotional ramifications of the event for many episodes to come.”

Like I said, WHAT THE FUCK?! I was all excited about all the hot lesbian sex Portia and Joely were supposedly going to have together. I mean, sure, they suffer from Lesbian Twin Syndrome, but I’m willing to overlook it in the name of, uh, art. And then this. Why? WHY! God, can’t there be any happy, healthy, sexy, non-pregnant, non-emotionally scarred lesbian couples on TV? Must we all end up in therapy? According to Kristin, sadly, yes:

“I’ve heard the storyline is so dark, it’s one of the darkest in Nip/Tuck’s history and actually involves a hate crime.”

Look, it’s all good and fine and honorable to raise awareness about the horrible, horrible effects of hate. But this is a show about plastic surgery, people. And it’s not a show know for a) it’s deep social activism or b) it’s tact. Ugh. This reminds me why I stopped watching in the first place. I might still tune in for the sex, though. What? I never said I had any tact either.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up something I don't think I want to support. I've never seen the show anyway

Anonymous said...

Didn't I already see this on All My Children?

Shannon said...

Seriously, how Freudian. First put the two women together, and then punish them. Gross.