Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blonde on Blonde

Remember when I said that Portia de Rossi was going to appear on the new season of Nip/Tuck as a “manipulative lesbian mother whose teen daughter wants to have plastic surgery?” Well, it just got a whole lot more interesting. According to TV Guide, her character will enter into a torrid relationship with Joely Richardson’s character Julia. Wow, that’s a whole lot of blonde going on right there. If the TV Guide folks are to be believed the pair’s sex scenes are “anything but tame.” Hello. Think Ellen has already programmed her Tivo for that episode?

p.s. Good God, how skinny is Portia’s shoulder compared to Joely’s? She better put on some padding before their roll in the sack together or somebody could lose an eye.


sparksnsmoke said...

I love you!
But only in a non-stalker, admiring, entertained never-meet-you kind of way. Thanks for doing this. Oh, and NLM rocks.

Anonymous said...

Well this is exciting. Think of the Youtube traffic.
Portia=too thin.

Anonymous said... Portia a sammich.

WordNerd said...

I already have too many damn TV shows. I don't know if I can start watching Nip/Tuck. But how can I not? Shit.

Cappuccino Girl said...

I think Christmas came early for me. Now my fantasizing over Joely Richardson will never end!

Anonymous said...

very very funny ms. snarker...hilarious actually