Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buffy #5: Dopplegangland

CLICK for the three No. 5 covers

Wow, it seems like forever since I last had a Buffy post. Oh, right, because it has been forever. The newest Buffy Season 8 comic is finally out (actually it came out a week early but I forgot…oops). Issue No. 5 is the first stand-alone storyline of the new series (think monster-of-the-week versus mythology storylines on “The X-Files”). It follows a faux Buffy (one of three) on her road to Slayerhood. See the first six pages here. Looks like a bumpy road.

In other Buffy news, Joss Whedon came, saw and spoiled the crowd at Comic-Con. The highlights:

  1. Buffy Season 9 is already being plotted (as a comic, ’natch).
  2. Oz will be coming back in Season 8 (no word on when).
  3. The long-gestating “Ripper” project may finally be a go. (Joss and Anthony Stewart Head are in talks with the BBC to turn the pre-Buffy Giles spin-off into a 90 minute special.)

And, finally, more tidbits not from Comic-Con, but the TCA’s where former Buffy executive producer/writer Marti Noxon talked a little Slayer. (She was there as one the executive producers of the Grey’s spin-off “Private Practice.”) The highlights, again:

  1. She would love to write an arc for Season 8 (and feels like it’s only a matter of time before she does).
  2. If she did, she would love to bring Tara back. (Yes, Tara. Yes, back. Can I get a hallelujah?)


Anonymous said...

Tara? Back? HALLELUJAH!!!

dru said...

faith over giles, dirty ole (gentle)man

spike said...

c,mon dru...dont let the cat out of the bag just yet

Anonymous said...

running out of things to blog about dot...?

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