Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trailer Trash

Since today is shaping into your quintessential slow news days, I thought I would dissect a trailer I just saw for the new film “Notes on a Scandal.” The British indie drama stars the venerable Cate Blanchett and the even more venerable (venerabler?) Judi Dench. Now, I have nothing but respect for these actresses. They are talented and smart, two attributes that work on me like catnip. That said, the trailer for their new film disturbed me and probably not in the way the filmmakers intended.

Why the consternation? Well, from what I can see the movie has an uncomfortable gay subtext. Now, this might be due to unfortunate editing, but you can’t mistake the sexual innuendo in the clips. Dench’s character strokes Blanchett’s hand and says, “I’ve such a dread of ending my days alone.” After lingering glances, Dench confides, “She’s the one I’ve waited for.” Later, Blanchett wails, “You think this is a love affair?!”

This would be all fine and good if it wasn’t for the more insidious May-December “Single White Female” meets “The Killing of Sister George” overtones also present. Please, tell me there is more to this film than a matronly spinster with latent lesbian tendencies who falls for the vivacious younger woman with tragic results. What do you think? Interesting psychological drama or tiresome evil-lesbian cliché?

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nycrouge said...

Not to mention the poster is a little too "Talk To Her" by Almodovar.