Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shaken and stirred

Is it bad that I've always had a thing for James Bond? Yes, 007 is a chauvinistic womanizer. Yes he is prone to bad sexual puns. Yes, he kills people at an alarming rate. Yet, still, I can’t help but like the big galoot. Wow, I've just effectively canceled out my women's studies minor, haven't I? I blame a childhood spent watching old Bond reruns on lazy Sunday afternoons. I was young and impressionable…but, really, is it even physically possible to resist the allure of Sean Connery? The tux. The accent. Yummy. (In my defense, the Bond girls never hurt either.) When Daniel Craig was first announced as the new Bond for "Casino Royale," I was a tad horrified. Blond, James blond? Bond is suave, dark and handsome. Not rugged, blond and with an oddly blockish head. Now, after hearing continued reports of a reinvigorated franchise and reading glowing reviews both from the British and American press, I’m sold. Bring on blondie. Plus, have you seen Danny boy in his speedo? Hell, that even works on me.

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