Monday, November 13, 2006

First Annual Androgyny Off

Welcome to the First Annual Androgyny Off. We've got girlish boys versus boyish girls and boys often mistaken for girls versus girls often mistaken for boys and boys who want to be girls versus girls who want to be boys get the picture. Facing off in our main event are two well-matched opponents, both with emo haircuts and piercing stares. In one corner, wearing a girl’s cap-sleeve tee and a look of excruciating sensitivity, is singer-songwriter Bright Eyes (née Conor Oberst). In the other corner, wearing a man’s wife-beater and look of seething butchess, is L Word actress Daniela Sea (née Moira/Max). Who will take it? Whose androgyny reigns supreme?

1 comment:

Modular said...

conor oberst for the voice - no offense to ms. sea but her voice makes me wanna bash my head against a wall repeatedly.