Monday, November 13, 2006

Juliet and her fair Juliet

So, I told you about how I watch South of Nowhere - even though it’s about high schoolers and even though my 10 year reunion has long since passed - right? Well, last Friday’s episode was the “Shit, My Parents Found Out I’m Gay” (OK, it was actually titled “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are”) bombshell that had been building since season one. It involved Spencer’s homophobic mom walking in on our lovebirds mid tryst (seriously, folks, locks…has no one though to invest in door locks?) Sadly, we didn’t see much of said tryst. Only the hurried reapplication of clothing. Well, kiddies, next week we see slightly more of the aforementioned tryst (see above). Sure, it’s fairly tame. But when you’re used to crumbs, you’ll consider anything bigger than a crouton a feast. So, bon appetit. Catch the entire sneak peak here. Also, check out the online webisode (titled "Alone Together"). Is it sad that I think the shot of Spencer blowing on Ashley’s nails is kinda sexy? Yeah, it’s sad. I’ll go slink away in shame now… Oh, one last thing before I slink away, did you notice in next week's promo that the "de-gaying" counselor momophobe hires to cure Spencer is Principal Snyder from Buffy? Worlds colliding. Universes meshing. Must. Lay. Down.

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